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Chapter Twelve, Venus in Furs was really my fav song but I didn’t want to look like an elderly hippy from a Goan sex commune



Did you get her pregnant’?, Lucy asks slowly as they pull up outside his place.


He pauses dramatically, ‘ Of course not!, his eyes roll.


Lucy, his eyes fill with tears, ‘ You have to believe me please believe me. There is something else, the bastard ex clients of my uncle have stolen some documents from his office and are saying all of our family are corrupt. They are trying to have dad debarred.


As someone with family in the legal profession Lucy recognised how bad this could be, the lost career would have repercussions for them all.


I’m sorry, JJ, please I didn’t mean to quiz you, I had to ask you didn’t I??


‘ Its ok, ‘ he says he looks out of the window into the black, he looks wounded. When they get inside he puts his special house flip flops on and she takes her shoes off. They light some incense and put Pandora radio on, but no one dances tonight in that room.


it’s so fucking cold Lucy’, he says.


She is silent, ‘ J you never usually swear, that’s all.


We need to talk Lucy, forget what I said, Just forget it, I was drunk.


Not that drunk, you meant it


She is crazy Lucy that’s all I’m saying, Just remember that I love you. I mean I like you, he quickly back tracks seeing her shock.


Leaning over cushions and a magazine he is kissed by his new girlfriend and she loves him whole heartedly too. Even more than when they walked beside the river at night.



Lucy wakes up in the morning not in his arms as she normally would be, but in the cold, without a duvet. He is smiling down on her, a sandy jumper and black short on. She shakes her thick locks and looks at the tea and toast he has made her, she raises an eyebrow.


Thanks J, ‘ she tries to act cool but wants to cuddle him. His flat mate is there too unfortunately. J looks so young in the mornings, he looks like he’s on top of the world. Not like last night when he told her that he didn’t know what he wanted form life. He wanted to be a writer. Or a sculptor, full time not just when his back breaking corporate load would permit him a spare evening or two.


A sparrow flies past the window, must be a baby it was quite chubby. She drops the contents of her metallic bag all over the table by accident and is embarrassed when a tampon falls out. Happily there is a Sudoku book belonging to her friend Olympia, at least she looks clever.


Lucy has a white wool hat on , red Jumper and last nights Jeans.


Her phone beeps,


Who is it Lucy, ‘ his voice breaks a little bit when he says her name. She would never want to hurt him.



On the breakfast table in the lounge, there is a piece of paper it was printed from the Internet.





common information available from a Smartphone:

            Your CV

            Text messages

            Username - which may provide access to multiple sites

            Personal email address

            Online banking logins

            Credit card pin numbers

            Calendars and notes - which can assist greatly with information gathering

                        Photographs - if you take a photograph outside your house with a GPS enabled mobile phone, the geographical location of your home is embedded into the picture………………….



I know,  said J lets play a game, does anyone know who the chief executive officer of KPMG is?



When they go back in his room, she strips and puts on her fake fur coat and heels, watching herself in the mirror watch her jump, jumping up and down posing and taking pictures. Truly harraam.


Um no J?


Lucy says somehow disappointed in her general knowledge.


His flat mate, barely awake Just nodded mouth full of cereal. He was a truly cultivated guy, not like others she had met before. He didn’t try to exploit women like the others did. The fact that they in fact stayed in love with each other for some years after meeting was a testament to the fact that she had made a good choice.


Well, I’m meeting him for lunch, yay. Lunch. He likes Lucy, I’m going to do well there. He almost whispered as he held her hand. It seemed as if he wanted to reassure her that he would be doing really well, he could look after her. Maybe you can she puzzled. But we’ll have to wait and see won’t we.


Another time, they go dancing again, they both want to learn to salsa.


She feels so proud to be dancing with him that night, he is really trying hard to


impress her, although she doesn’t know that.


He might let her win at scrabble tonight. Just to see what happens.


Scrabble? ,’ says her fast friend, then silence.


‘ Well whatever makes you happy. The girls at work would love this, what a laugh.


So that conversation was when she decided she needed to impress him even more to out impress him.


Out came the credit cards. Out came the citron vodka for a bit of Dutch courage. He Internet beckoned. Agent Provocateur scarves, shoes with big red bows. Every colour of every style of every bit of lingerie.


Lucy goes for pale pink with red ribbon threaded through. Another time, green satin tie knickers and a balconette bra. Too tight chokers and too long knee socks. It seemed to make him happy, but he looked happier when laughing at her wearing only her pink Dior shades in bed.


One thing that people would never understand is how precious he was to her. How if she could she would have given up her work to make sure that everything he wanted was Just right. That he never had to lift a finger in his home. But maybe in this day and age, well, they prefer it if you bring home some money too.


Often they danced together in his room, Just stupid dancing, that started off as salsa practice, which Lucy the clumsy one needed more that jj. it somehow ended within minutes with one being injured and the other crying with laughter. Some furniture was broken.


Other times, he was more worried about the MBA and the expectations his family had for him. They seemed to expect a lot. His sisters were sort of off the hook, married off to acceptable husbands, they wouldn’t need to support the brittle, critical family members in their old age.


His mum was a great source of amusement too him to, easy to trick and he seems to love telling the story of the time he conned her into ordering a MacDonald’s from the wrong window.


When he really laughed it was infectious and you felt as if nothing that could ever happen could bring you down.


Most of all, holding his hand was important to Lucy.


Sometimes girls in particular would stare at them, if they were out in a restaurant together. Maybe it’s my age she thought, but I don’t know if we look silly together, it’s only six years. They couldn’t have known him could they.

Lucy’s skin was almost olive almost light . Her hair changed colours with worrying frequency, but this was a hobby she’d say. Maybe they thought he should be with someone exactly the same or something like that.


After Pilates with Flick and Violet she sipped an orange Juice and lemonade is the gym, ‘Sometimes it seems to good to be true Violet’. ‘ Why do you say that Hun?” Violet asked her big brown eyes full of concern.


Weren’t you listening’?!



The End

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