Chapter 4Mature

He moved towards he like a cobra ready to stike, her body went ice cold, and she had no idea what to do, how to run, or hide..she was now at his mercy, even as she felt a vice grip around her arm, and soon later she was shoved to the ground roughly, and she felt as though her bones had shattered under the impact.  It wasn't over yet, it was only the start. 

In the past ten minutes of constant beating, she was flung to the wall, to the ground, strong kicks where delivered to her stomach and he once again flung her to ground a frenzy, he sat on her sturuggling body and slapped her a couple of times, leaving her whimpering, and begging for him to let her go, but he still didn't.  He pulled her up and slammed her again to the wall, this time hitting her head to it, and making the pain in all her body ten times worse.  "See? You see now do you what happens' when you defy me don't you?" the cruel and saddistic voice of Thomas Morgenstern whispered at her, tears began to leak out of her eyes, and yet she didn't say anything, except a couple of whimpers....her clothes had torn, with the impact. Once again he threw her away from him in disgust, the impact, had brought her crashing down onto the table and as a result closer to the stairs.  Taking her chance she darted away from him, and he pulled her from her ankle, and began dragging her from her leg, but she kicked him visously in the face before he swore loudly in pain, she managed it to the top landing, panting wildly.  As she darted down the long corridor of the long house, she finally felt a strong arm around her waist, and a hand clamping down on her mouth, till she was dragged inside a room and she heard the scraping of a key in the lock. 

She still struggeled voiolently and Kai was forced to slam his palm back down on her mouth, because his father was close by, and he couldn't risk letting him know, she was inside his room.  When he heard the footsteps go, he finally released her, but he still couldn't get a clear view of her as the light in his room was dim.  So as he left her to switch on the lights she crumpled down into a ball on the ground and didn't so much as utter a sound.  When the lights were turned on, he was indeed shocked at the sight.  Her clothes were ripped in various places and she had cuts, bruises and scratches of all sorts but then he found himself bending down before her and saying softly "look at me" she didn't kept her head to her side, resting her cheek on her knees, till when she felt a hand, not rought, not aiming to hit her, caressing her curls, and then she heard a soft whisper "Come here, I can help you. I can't though if you are going to close up on me" she then looked up at him, his stormy grey eyes full of concern for her, full of hurt, full of worry...and something else she thought she couldn't touch.  As she relaxed a little and let go of her aching arms around her knees he gently hugged her to him and in that moment, she broke..she shattered, because she knew she couldn't take anymore of it all and Kai, knew.  He knew because as a young boy he passed through it himself, and he had also helped his sister in it he loathed his father for causing them so much pain, and now even another innocent.  "Shhhhhhh it's alright" he murmured in her ear as she began getting hyserical "He won't get you're safe with me.."he held the shaking girl in his arms for he didn't exactly know how long but he had to know how seriously his father had hurt her.  He finally got up, and picked up the broken girl off the ground, and carried her to his bathroom, where he settled her gently on a stool and began tending to her injuries while murmuring soft words of comfort. 

After having done all that, and when she cried some more, and yelled in emotional pain that she didn't want to stay anymore, that she wanted to go away far away as possible, he then took her to his bed and settled her there, cuddling her about the sheets and quilts, but he didn't slip in next to her, he laid down on the covers and pulled an extra quilt her had in his wardrobe for the middle of the night when she trashed a bit and mumbled some words...he wrapped an arm protectively around her waist and pulled her closer to him, she then relaxed because she knew she was safe. 

The End

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