Chapter 3Mature

Reaching her High School was indeed hard, as she had to travel for miles but she wasn't dissuade one bit.  Things were the same as they always were, and when she went in she felt like she was yet once again at home if it was possible.  She trudged in, getting out her books from her locker smiling because if she hadn't come back, her books would have been still in there, till when three people just pounced on her "MELISSA!" they all yelled helping her up, after she had stumbled down on to the ground "You made it! I knew you would!" Rowan her best friend yelled at her hugging her so hard, she thought she would get her ribs broken.  Simon, another of her best friends regarded her slowly, finally telling her "I heard you have some problems Mel" only her very close friends and aunts used to call her 'Mel' so indeed she felt back at home.  When she was reminded she just nodded and didn't say much more, she felt an arm hook around her's and as she looked up she realised it was Simon's and he said "It's ok, you don't need to worry one bit about that you know.." she still nodded but then unhooked her arm, and said as she turned back "He will make me pay for this..for all of it..."

Her friends got slightly worried for her at the mention of this, so they decided to skip a few lessons, even though they all never did, not even Melissa but sometimes exceptions always needed to be made.  "Tell us" Rowan began as they settled down in the cafeteria on an isolated table so they could talk in peace.  Melissa took a deep breath and told them some things "He is so violent, I never thought I would deal with such a monstor, because let's face it, he is" Rowan said "But Mel, you shouldn't let him get at will only make things worse" frankly her best friend was right, and she was in the wrong, but something deep within her she could feel it had been broken and she was finding trouble to get it back.  "What about his son?" Laura her other friend asked, when their other friend joined in Luke.  "What about him?" asked Melissa quite coldly "We heard he is nice to you....that he helped you out know maybe you could become...friends?" this angered Melissa to the core, but she said laughing coldly "He is his father's son you know? I possibly can't make friends with him....could be a threat to me in the end after all" "But"- Rowan began quite impressed at her best friends display of character towards someone who had actually helped her out of a sticky situation.  "Let's say that he is out of league for me, and that he isn't the right type of friend for me, nor can he ever be...he is a Morgenstern, and the Morgenstern's so far took all I had with a snap of their finger' they ought to be careful about how they thread on people's emotions" and they chatted some more before returning to lectures, although irritated with the conversation she had just done, all in all, she once again still felt good around her friends, and that she could talk to them without them judging her so far, so yes she felt a home. 

Thomas Morgenstern, back in his leading company Bega Ltd, was fuming and seething with anger while he commented "So the little redhead fox, actually managed to find a way back to the people she loves..I'll show her and she won't go anywhere then..she will have to learn the hard way then.." he then laughed, a laugh that was pitch cold, and nasty, well, he thought that his wife might not be as stupid and soft as he thought, she still obeyed him no matter what and to him, it was all that counted.

Melissa hadn't arrived before eight in the evening and she was pleased on the whole that she had somehow managed to come in earlier than she had actually intended to.  Truth be told, she wasn't really sure at what time buses used to come, so she waited for a least a good hour.  So then she heard footsteps and a menacing voice, as menacing and cold as ice, that was when she stopped moving from wherever she was, and her heart then began pumping so fast she thought it would just burst out of her chest. 

"Well, well well...look what we have tonight, I presume you had fun didn't you? The most important thing is though to you at least that you have defied out words in you learn what happens to naughty girls such as yourself"....something told her to run, but she couldn't she got rooted to the spot in fear. 

The End

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