Chapter 2Mature

Early in the morning

The mobile lying on the side of her bed begun to ring and irritated she stole a glance from her alarm clock which said it was still 6.00am in the morning.  So she just rose and snapped open her phone and answered in a voice that was  a little bit more monotonus than she had wanted,

"Yeah?" "Good morning Melissa, not very bright are we this morning" raising an eyebrow and slowly getting out of bed, she said "Why? Am I meant to be bright? I think I ought to be asleep forever, and even though my dreams are dark, in the long run it's not real but this is real" her best friend then heaving a sigh said "I heard, how's it going?" her best friend was named Rowan Mayfair and she was a very nice girl, her family had been close to her for many years in a time of need, and she found it very consolating.  She already missed everyone she had gone far off from where she lived previously, and from a very  nice comfortable small country house, she ended up in this luxiourious, spacy and rather cold house.  Monotonous as ever whatsoever just to match her mood.  Rowan had a younger sister Carla who was also as sweet as her sister but not as good looking as her.  Rowan had black hair and equally black eyes, her skin was of a fair colour and her features where delicate but still very sharp.  "It's not umm going too well you know? I mean one minute I thought I was livng happily with you guys and my aunts but now..I think I came living in the sahara I guess" her voice was still dim.  "Simon asked for you you know? he said he wants to see you as soon as he can, he doesn't want to see you unhappy" Melissa raised her eyebrows and said sadly "That will have to wait I guess, I am banned from seeing you guys and even going to school, mother expects me to take"- her voice started to crack and she realised suddenly with horror how alone and desperate she felt, and cold too.  "He has a daughter and a son you know" she suddenly stated out of the blue, Rowan sighing again said "Heard about his son, I heard that he helped you out when his father attacked you, and I also heard that he carried you twice..." This was really getting out of hand now Melissa thought miserably, finally she told her "Don't get wrong ideas Rowan, he is his father's son, I don't want to hear any more about him, at least as of late" "Come back to High School we miss you, find a way and come" she was suddenly stuck by an idea, and said "Alright, you conviced me, I'll find a way and come" she snapped her phone shut and ran to the bathroom, took a quick shower, pulled up her hair in a bun, with a few curls running here and there, put on some nice looking jeans, a black top and a jacket to match, she took her shoulderbag and threw whatever she would need in there, and took for the stairs for breakfast. 

"Where are you going?" asked Ariana slowly once she sat at table and began ravishing on toast and coffee, Melissa stopped munching on her toast and said "Out" rather stubbornly her mother glared at her and said "You're not going anywhere Melissa", she also put up an equal glare and said rather nastily "I'm going, and you're not going to stop me". Caroline quickly flared she noticed and when she wasn't around her husband her manners changed so then she said "I see you look different when he isn't around" that must have struck a nerve but her mother just replied "Wait until Thomas hears about this..he will know how to put you in your right place" for some reason she felt the goosebumps run up her skin, which she didn't like one bit, she wasn't weak, she couldn't be weak, not when that blackguard has them all in the palm of their hands moving them about on a chessboard as pawns at his own will.  She didn't comment any more, just stood up, took her plates and cups to the sink, and didn't even bother to say bye before the morning air hit her nostrils and then she felt much better.  "Now" she thought "how to go, how to go.." she would find a way, so she walked down the alley when she finally heard a horn sounding and found herself looking at a black ferrari, but who was in it, wasn't expected of course. 

"Need a ride?" he asked her, his stormy gray eyes looking at her up and down, making her cheeks heat up a little bit.  Snapping back to reality she shook her head wildly adding "I'm fine thanks...." he smirked and said again "You do realise that to go back where your hear wishes to go, you have to travel for miles do you?" he asked her still regarding her with curiosity..."Go to hell Morgenstern, I don't need you reminding me about my recent 'homesickness' just bug off to where you were originally going to and leave me in peace" she finished huffing with annoyance and turned and started to walk away when she saw him actually moving the car behind her, and she turned around and before she could come back with some nasty reply a note was handed to her out of the window.  Frowning she snatched it away and the young man in the car said "Well, you know where to find me, if you need me..I believe that you'll be coming back to here in the dark..there are things you might..not know.  Good day to you..Alexander"  he bit back nastily at her that still surprised the hell out of her, because he said it with such venom in it she was sure it had poisoned her in the process, giving the heat that rose to her cheeks again.  "You too Morgenstern " she added with equal vehemence, he just laughed though and saw her walking down to the bus stop and with one last look drove off thinking she really had a stubborn head really. 

The End

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