Chapter 1Mature

Thomas Morgenstern was fuming in the other room, and way beyond himself by now, he hadn't expected the girl to possess a character and even more than that quite an equally strong willed spirit. 

"Caroline, say all you want, but if she is really to come with us, if and when I say so, then she is to agree to our terms, and even more precicely to my terms" he snarled back at her, the resemblance between Caroline and her daugher was striking he thought nastily even though his wife had been less charactered than Melissa was, contrary to her, she quickly learnt how to shut her mouth and equally so to know where her place is so now he was thinking rapidly as he was practically recieving insults from Melissa's aunts and not even hearing half of them.  Ariana was, scared as ever, she also knew where her place was, damn they all knew!

For his sake though, he was now going to have to play nice after the blow he had given her no one seemed to approve of it, not even Caroline. 

"You never hit a girl Mr.Morgenstern and more less so under the roof of our house!" one of her aunts was yelling at him and looked very engraged indeed.  Clearing his throat and regaining his composure he said "Why, that spiteful little fox insulted her mother, and even more insulted me by doing so, it's only fit that I see to that, after all she is still a minor"

"Mr.Morgenstern, if you're going to keep up with this manner of speaking I am afraid you cannot take Melissa with you.  We do happen to care much about her welfare and seeing your previous display of character doesn't help much does it?" her aunt went on spitefully and glaring at him all along. 

"There isn't anything you can do about it, she is a minor and it's not up to her to decide to her future but us"

How in the devil were they to get out of this one? Technically he was right, since her mother was still her guardian and she got married to this, this concieted rogue it both makes them her guardians besides her parent's of course, they weren't careful enough when they had accepted Melissa in the first place, but they never thought it would come back to this.  Much as much as it hurt for them to seperate from her, with her still being underage then they would have to give in. 

In the meantime.......

"Melissa you have to calm down, you cannot go back in there and yell and start putting up threats you know, the blackguard isn't a good match for you" they had been arguing, complaining, manifestations of anger, insults amongst other things for the past half hour she thought, and now her head began to ache, and she seriously could not put up any more with this ridiclous charade. 

"Fine.  Fine." she began trying to adopt the mastery of her tone "I'll go then, if it's what you want me to do then I'll go!!!" her voice was still shaking and it could be clearly seen that she was practically seething with anger, hurt, fear, lonliness..."I have a family here, friends who love me..but you are so determined to take that away from me each time..." she looked visibly paler than she was and her breathing began to come out in rapid pants, her uswally pale white cheeks a healthy rosy colour but now they were as pale as ever, and her eyes were the worst you could actually put up with by now, they were so filled with every emotion possible, it was possible that her eyes could just pierce a laser beam through you with their intensity. 

She went to a drawer and pulled out her hairband, and pulled up her dissarayed curls which now looked a mess into a ponytail, so her curls fell down her back and left this lovely copper colour.  Finally when she couldn't take much any longer she sank down on the sofa again taking another deep breath, and her aunt Theresa telling her to calm down and that it will be all alright. But those were the facts she knew things weren't going to be alright, never were, and never will be. 

Bracing herself she went to the door and her aunts and Kai all followed suit, but when they opened the door and they stepped out she felt a strong arm on her's and then a voice said "Try not to manifest those types of tantrums, it won't do you any good" she took another deep breath and finally said "Not entirely my fault when it happen's's in my character I am afraid"

They finally all settled back into the kitchen where they all had been previously, and Melissa tried to use the best act up she could muster, difficult considering the circumstances but none the less, controlled her temper. 

"I see you have finally seen the light" Thomas began coldly, and also sending one nasty glare at his son, but not mentioning any of it, as his son was now of age, and could do as he pleased so long as it didn't hurt any of them.  Melissa still glaring kives at him said nastily "Well what choice in the matter do I have? I don't, and now seeing that I don't I think it's better we get this over with I am tired and tomorrow have school and don't wish to fail miserably in a"- here she was cut in by her mother Caroline, who so much looked like her, but didn't even posses one ouce of her in character she thought nastily. 

"Well, I think you are going to have to remedy on that too" her aunts, Kai and even Ariana all looked at her at this as she went on "You're not going to this school much any longer, more than that you won't be going to any school you will take private tutition with Ariana"

"You've got to be kidding me" she whispered and then again "I can't do this anymore...I just can't.." Well yes, she was indeed shaking from head to toe, and she wasn't sure she could take much more of it all, so many emotions, feelings and other thoughts ran through her, she felt tired and lost, lonely and angry, sometimes she even felt this nasty pain close to her heart in her chest.  Stress she thought.  She was starting to become dizzy, and her surrowndings started getting fuzzy, she had it all, and she was loosing it, and she was tumbling down with it, down down down somewhere where only she existed and she alone no one else.

Everyone in the room was silenced as she literally crashed down to the ground making a sickening sound, Thomas smirked nastily finally saying "I see she is learning her place, about high now I presume we just pick her things and take her with us" Kai was disgusted at his father and as Caroline and Ariana gathered her things, finally he went over to her as her aunts bustled over her and tried to revive her slowly but she wouldn't budge.  Watching her unconscious form he noted that even in that state she was beautiful. "Kai, we don't want to have her leave before we see her revived surely you can understand that" he nodded his stormy gray eyes trying to block out his emotions, and without further ado, hooked an arm under her knees and another under her back, while curling her arm about his shoulder and efforlessly heaved her up much to the shock of his aunts.  He walked over to the sofa and laid her gently there, while her aunts prepared her jasmine tea, and wet her forehead he thought all of this was getting out of hand, lucky the other's were still packing her things, checking what was missing and wasn't with one of her other aunts. 

As the wet clot wasn't doing the job finally, worried that she just won't come back to them, he asked her aunt, this one was Theresa he learnt, to move and he took command of the situation finally he began calling her name, and slapped her slowly around the face to revive her, when it still didn't work he decided the other alternative, "Give me a strong spirit, like gin for example.." shocked but not entirely put out, they did as he requested and finally managed to get some gin down the girls throat, when the burning alchohol hit her throat she finally did get up and spluttered sitting up with a start and yelling "What the hell!!!??" Theresa and Annie both complimented him on his success with her revival which he laughed at slightly.  Kai offered her tea then, which she took gratefully but she still was very very pale he  thought.  Shaking her head while drinking her tea in silence she told him thanks. 

By the time she was finished and she felt slightly better, she tried to get up, but her headache worsened and she found herself seeing black spots again at the back of her eyes "Easy there" her aunt Annie said slowly till when Thomas came in still fuming angry and said "Well, she did get up, so now, enough with this fuss and let's get going..Kai don't carry her make her walk understand? - She is just being downright silly" shocked Kai still nodded but then looked back to Melissa and still saw her in a deathly pale colour.  Melissa angry again, decided to do as he said because it would only worsen her situation so she stood up violently once again black spots hitting the back of her eyes, her headache pounding so loudly in her head she thought she could hear it.  She bade her aunts farewell and that she would contact them soon, and she excused herself for all the trouble caused. They saw her wobbling to the door, she was stubborn! Theresa stopped Kai and told him "Take care of her will you and if you have some time, come and knock back the door is always open" he didn't expect this display of welcome so he nodded and with a smile complied. Finally he ran to where Melissa was still shaking, wobbling, staggering, sometimes clutching her forehead and saying "God's...I have to make it.." he regarded her for a while but then went straight up to her and stopped her, this made her knees wobble much more and he had to steady her or else she would have just crumpled to the ground.  "Kai! Melissa we don't have till tomorrow!!" yelled an irritated Thomas from the jeep and ducking back in.  Not thinking about it anymore, he knew the girl couldn't take anymore, he once again scooped her up in his arms, ignoring the protests of his father, and the surpirsed glances of her aunts. 

Once in the jeep alongside the other's she looked back and waved at her aunts, finally she thought she could allow herself some sleep, so she did, so that the last words she heard were "You'de better not black out for me, or I swear I will do all I have in my power to make you come back to me" with that she drifted off, trying not to worry, trying to block out nasty thoughts and nightmares and again even in her sleep the same words replayed in her mind over and over. 

The End

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