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She thought she led an average normal life even though who does in reality lead a normal life? She took years to accept it and finally when she did, the person who hurt her came back to haunt her and turn her life into a living nightmare..worse she didn't come she in reality ready to put up with what she has yet to face?

Young sixteen year old Melissa Alexander thought she lived an average normal life th ough it is in her present life that she is living that so called life. If you were to recall her past, I think it is somewhere quite far beyond that because would you call having your father dead when you are ten the average normal life? Do you ccall being abandoned by your mother to go after another man and marry him while leaving her to live with her aunts the average normal life?

What is normal is that she goes to High School, gets good grades, has friends who love her and whom she loves too, has a good time out with friendwhen she has the time to.  That was the normal average life of a young teen, and not the mess she was in when she was just ten years old.

Now she came back, her mother, to claim her right on her, and because she was still underage she was going to have to obey and follow. She didn't come alone mind, with her came her new husband Thomas Morgenstern,  who apart from being good looking had this cold glint in his steel gray eyes which she thought wasn't right. He had a young daughter with him Ariana who seemed quite sweet unlike her father, and an older son Kai who looked like the photocopy of his father eyes and all. He was three years older than her she learnt  but now that she was thinking all of these absurd thoughts while her aunts and mother and step father arugued on the table was - crap my life is never going to be the same again not now, not ever again.

"Melissa, Melissa are you even hearing what we are saying ?" her mother inquired looking at her sharply. Melissa snapped out of her thoughts and finally replied coldly, her olive green eyes sparkling with unmistakable loathing and disgust.  "Why should I even care Mum? Have you ever cared in all these years? DId you give a damn, that when I wanted you near never now here you are claiming you want me back, after the fiasco you did six years ago,and expect me...ME" she raised her tone now, anger bubbling within her.

"You expect me, to act as if it never happened, to try and get back what you lost..suit yourself mum, I am not coming back, I don't want to piece the broken pieces...and if you really want're going to have to earn them!" she finally said still in that icy cold tone, her copper curls framing her oval face in a very  graceful way, heck she was beautiful. 

Melissa was surprised when she heard Thomas' voice saying in an equally menacing tone "We don't care what you think Melissa, you just come with us,and that's that. You should actually be grateful that we considered into getting you back with us you know?"

Grateful? Grateful? Was he serious? She felt like she wanted to hurt the man so badly that by the time she was finisehed he would be begging for her to forgive him.

"Grateful? Heck, you're both out of your minds, now if you please get out of my sight, I think  I have heard enough nonsence for today..."

Quick as lightning, she suddenly felt a bad sting on her cheek, of course the blackguard had hit her, looking from her mother, to the pale looking and scared Ariana to the suddenly panicked looks of Kai and her aunts,  and feeling her cheek. She reached up and wiped the corner of her mouth,where Thomas had split with the blow, and it was now that in her eyes there was no mistakening it, there was enough fire in her eyes, with the rage, pain, and hatred that it could have actually matched with the colour of her hair. 

"You're going to pay so badly for that one" she snarled at him, her delicate hands balled into fists, and her teeth bared at him.  Out of the blue, she flew at him,cursing him, trying to hit, scratch, bruise...she yust kept on calling him names and trying to hit him, that was till when things ran out of hand, and Kai and two of Melissa's aunts held her back,whist her mother Caroline,Ariana and another two aunts held Thomas back. 

They thrashed her away from him, and him from her, and when they managed to carry her to a differnt room, slammed  the door shut. SHe still struggled occasionally yelling "Let me go! He can't! I want to...." Kai of course also possesed the strength of a man, he had an athletic figure, angular features, stormy grey eyes and raven coloured hair. "Shhhhh calm down, Melissa, calm down...we can solve this in peace" he told her softly trying to calm her, but still held an iron grip on her.  Her aunts Theresa and Annie both lookwed worried but they weren't as strong as Kai was, they couldn't hold her down. 

Melissa was now on her knees while Kai held his iron grip on her, it would mark he thought, but he knew his father better than anyone would think, and could turn out into quite a nasty turn of events.  "let-me-go" she said determinedly at him not daring to look at him, she didn't want him to see that she was weak, and that she could shatter at any moment."Promise you will be good, and I will" he said seeking for approval of her aunts when they nodded he loosened his hold on her, and they both got up, Melissa began rubbing her arms where he held her, god he was strong she thought.

"Let's sit down shall we?" Aunt Annie said slowly "And we will talk about it slowly and carefully..." Melissa exhausted and still with her lip bleeding said "Alright alright, maybe it's better we talk a bit about it,it'as already messed up as it is" she didn't notice that Kai had returened with some disinfectant while she talked to her Aunt Annie, and her other aunt prepared some jasmine tea for them all.

"What got you so worked up?" asked her aunt slowly,Melissa shrugged embarassed she should talk against Kai's father badly when as though he read her thought said finally "Don't mind me, I am aainst him after all, but that is another story to tell" he gave her a small smile which she returned but winced at the pain in her lip.

"Let me fix it" he said slowly sitting closer and dabbing at her cut with disinfectant, she still didn't look into his eyes, he noticed she had full lips that had  a lovely pink shade to them but it wasn't time for these things he thought slowly. He gently touched her cheek where he hit her a bruise was forming up it was turning to a light shade of purple, and pale as her complexion was it would show nastier. "I'm sorry" he said finally surprising the life out of her "You have no idea...just...let's talk things out ok? I promise whatever is said will never leave this room"

Finally the jasmine tea arrived, and they all sat down together on the sofa's and chair's what surprised her was how one such as Kai Morgenstern who looked so much like him,wasn't like him at all....

So they began to talk, meanwhile in the other room things weren't looking good at all....

The End

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