Haiku and Short Poetry
Take time to listen.

Listen, Deep Silence

Listen, all the joyful sound

All your life, listen


Listen to all the beauty of each day, so many sounds to enjoy, for a simple, "Bon Jour" from Madam collum to the quiet winter playfield when you are there alone.

Do we really take the time to truly listen, not just hear? We are often lost in activity and the beauty passes us by. The gift we take so for granted, often abused, sometimes neglected, rarely ever cherished...until it is almost gone.

Have you heard a whispered, "I love you" lately? Can you recall a, "you can do it" fall upon your senses? The lonesome call of an evening summers loon, a baby sound asleep, the voice of the wind in winter trees, a far off chatter of children laughing. All you have to do is take the time to listen. I dare you to try.

Say nothing. Move nothing. Just listen.

Is there a tear in your eye from the shear beauty of what had once been missed?



The End

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