Chapter 6 part 1/3

Be her boyfriend? He couldn't even think about it. She's so annoying. How can he do such a cruel thing? No. He has made up his mind. He will not become her boyfriend. That's just evil.

"So you know who I am?" He hears some one say behind him. He turns. There she is. In her 'other' form. Differences; blood red eyes, and the black scales that used to just cover just her hands, are now up to her elbows.

"You were able to break out of that body?" He asks emotionlessly.

"For the time being. She fell asleep in class. Until she wakes up, I'm free to do whatever I want." she says while sneering. They both hate each other, and will always hate each other.

"I'm going to become her boyfriend, and there's nothing you can do about it this time," He says changing his mind of what he had thought earilier.

"Hah. You'll only hurt her. Of course it isn't my problem." She says, then turns away. "I would stay in chat but my 'other' is waking up. Ta-ta for now." She says  with a wave. She then winks. He just turns and continues his journey home.

Chapter 6 part 2/3 

I headed back to my body. Stupid girl. How unintelegent of her to fall asleep in class, when a thing like me lives in her. Her poor classmates. Seeing their "friend" fall asleep, and then get up and leave to the "washroom" but actualy leave the school, but then come back to her desk, and fall asleep just to be waken up again by the bell. Then encounter them on her way home. I wish I could've been the one talking. I would never have fallen for that silly eye trick. Hah, I couldn't wait to see this little girl having to put up with the female. These days should get a lot more exiting for this little girl form now on.

Chapter 6 part 3/3

Star and Moon follow Melody scilently back to her house. Star and Moon. Melody finds these names a bit strange. They are both things that come out at night time, Melody thought, They must have wierd parents.

"Do you have any crushes at your school?" Moon asks suddently.

"Well..." Melody thought about telling those two about Lovota, but should she tell them? She should she trust them? At the moment she deffinatly didn't.

"I demand to know," Star adds. Her eyes darkening.

"There's this guy named Lovota. He's really mean but I really like him." Melody says nerviously.

"Lovota you say?" Moon says. Star and Moon both look at each other.

"That's not good." Star says.

"Why not?" Melody asks.

"I demand you to like this guy." Star says. She reaches into her pocket and brings out a picture. Melody takes it.

"But this is..." Melody starts out.

"Just like him from now on," Star says. Melody slips the picture in the pocket on her shirt.

Who's picture did you give her?" Moon asks Star after a few minutes. Star stares at him with a smirk.


"Just a change of plans," Star says. Moon stops talking. Melody looks at the picture again. Why would Star... Want Melody to like her brother, Moon...?

The End

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