Moving in

Chapter 5 part 1/3

He leaves the crowded building. Star and Moon walk towards him with smiles on their faces.

"We found her," Moon says, handing him a picture of a girl. The girl in the picture has sandy blond hair in two piggy tails. Her eyes are green, and her skin a peach colour. She has a big smile on her face. His eyes rise. This girl...

"I am sure you will be friends with the her." Star says as she takes the photo back and slips it into her pocket. "You won't fail us again like you did before?"  He doesn't respond.

"Poor thing. Still heart broken?" Moon says mockingly.

"I will go home. You will become this girls boyfriend too. That will be helpful." Star says, and then winks.  He curse's under his breathe.

"Bye! See you again soon!" Moon says as if he's talking to a baby.

He then sticks his hands in his pockets, and walks home in sadness.

Chapter 5 part 2/3

I can see through my other's eyes. I can see everything she sees. And she sees the two pink eyes talking to him. That him who I hate so strongly. My other turns her head away from the window. EXUSE ME. LITTLE GIRL. PLEASE BE GOOD AND LOOK BACK OVER THERE! Of course she doesn't. I groan. Living in some one else's mind is tough. I can't wait until night time comes again. Then I can kill those stupid pink eyes, and maybe even the guy who wrecked my life. Maybe. Just maybe.  

Chapter 5 part 3/3

Melody didn't see him for the rest of the day. She still feels rejected as she walks home from school. If only she could see him again. High buildings sorround her as she walks home.  Then she hears a scream. It came from that allyway back there. It starts to snow again. Melody runs, with out thinking, into the ally.

"I told you not to open that! Stupid rats!" She hears a boy say.

"What are you talking about! I demanded you NOT to open it!" She hears a girl say. Melody sees the two people who are making such noise.

Pink Eyes.

The both have pink eyes. The girl has short white blonde hair with pale skin, and the boy has shaggy white blonde hair that covers one of his pink eyes. They are both wearing all white, and it's funy because they are in the trash cans yet they have no dirt or stains on their clothes.

"Oh, look who we have here!" The girl says with a smile.

"I knew we would find her." The guy mumbled. 

"Do you know me from some where?" Melody asks confused.

"Well... Yes and no, but that'll be explained later. I'm Star and this here is my..." She pauses for a second, and then snaps her fingers, "brother Moon!" She said exitingly as if she just made up something completely clever. 

"Hello, I'm Melody," Melody says shyly.

"I demand you to let us live with you." Star says. Melody is in shock.

"I don't know..." Melody tries to think of an exuse not to let them stay with her. They are so strange. Their... Pink eyes...

"Oh, you don't have a choice," Star said. Her eyes flashed hot pink. Melody started to sweat in fear.

"Yeah, sure, of course you can live with me!" Melody says in panic mode.

"Great, looks like we're one step ahead," Mooon mumbles. Star nodded with a smile.  

The End

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