That's just who I am

Chapter 4  part 1/3

He stands looking in the mirror. His face is pale white. His hair black as coal. His eyes start to turn blood shot from the contacts in his eyes. He took a deep breath, and the pain goes away for a moment, but then comes back. His past he could rememeber, and it will haunt him for the rest of his life. He loved her. Couldn't she see that? And yet... He slams his fist against the mirror. It shatters. Some one comes out of a stall behind him. He turns around, rage in his eyes. A timid boy stands behind him. Large circular glasses, and he has braces on his teeth as well. He stares at him with fear. He takes in a breath, and pats the kid on the head, and then leaves

Chapter 4 part  2/3

Those filthy pink eyes. I can feel them on my tail. They can't see me. They just can't see me. Before when I saw them, I was wearing a mask, but I'm not now. If they see me, they will capture me once I turn into my innocent form. The unaware form. I stop running. Wait. I am stronger then the two behind me. They will be easy to illimiminate. I turn around. Their pink eyes stare hatfuly at me. They both have long black hair. The girl's is in piggy tails, and the boy in one long low pony tail down his back.

"What to do now?' I ask myself outloud. "The stupid sub pink eyed failers have found me. What to do, oh, what to do," They both growl with hate.

<kill her> <I hate you> <We hate you> <demon> <pest> <you worthless peice of dung> <curse you>

They are thinking a bit too loudly again. I smirk at this, and then I shot a lighting bolt at them. The girl dodges but the boy isn't so lucky. His left hand gets zapped. He screams in agony. His eyes flash hot pink. He sends a pink cyclone my way. It shoots out from his finger tips. The girl adds pink troxic waves to go along with it. I just start to laugh, and I send two bolts their way. It cuts through their attacks like butter, and one of them hits the girl in the stomach, while the other hits the boy in the center of his chest. The recoile but then they stand their ground.

"Storm, send the weak to the shadows, and send the strong to the light," The girl says, starting their stupid pink eye chant.

"Storm send power to us,and let out souls unite." The boy says. The grab each other's hand and a blast of black splirts from their palms. This will be hard to dodge. I then send a white tornado and it swallows the blackness.

"Look who turned out to be the stronger one?' I say in a mocking tone. I send two more bolts and it hits them both in the heart. Blood pours from where my bolts hit, and they die. The Storm pair. What a joke. I guess they hurricane turned out to be just a small breeze. I am bearly hurt. But I can feel myself weakening again. Crap. I am going to turn into my other. So long pink eyes. We'll meet again once it's night time.

Chapter 4 3/3

Melody isn't crying too hard. It wasn't that bad, but she really likes him. Why doesn't he like her back? The bell rings. She wasn't really paying attention in class. She had too much to think about.

But she would have even more to think about  soon.

She sees Lovota exit the boys bathroom. Melody freezes and watches him walk towards her. Did he have something to say? Melody suddently got exited.  

"Can you stay away from me?" He asks her.

"Why are you so mean?" Melody asks back. Lovota didn't reply. He stares at Melody emotionlessly. "Why do you say such mean things? Are you sad?" Lovota's eyes rise, and then he shuts them, and pushed Melody out of his way.

"That's just who I am," She  hears him say. Melody turns and watches him as he walks away in scilence.

The End

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