Stay away from me.

Chapter 3 part 1/3

He is walking home. His head down. His eyes are still burning. He needs to get home fast. He isn't used to these contacts, but he needs to wear them in order to finish his mission. He then sees his fellow companions. Star, and Moon. They aren't wearing contacts. They aren't afraid of being reveiled to the humans. They have white blonde hair. Star a girl, and Moon a boy. Both had vibrant unnatural pink eyes.

"It's starting," Moon says. He nods.

"She is starting to transfrom into the 'thing' uunconsiously. I demand you do something about this," Star adds. He nods again.

"It's all taken care of," And then he walks past them with out another word.

Chapter 3 part 2/3

I am cold. This is a good sign. Soon all of my senses will be restored to this senseless body. I need to break free, but it will take time. The time I don't have. The Pink Eyes and that man are already here. I stand watching the traffic zoom by. My hands are scales but the rest of me is human. I wear gloves to hide what I am, but this wouldn't be enough when I'm in my full form. Not even the shadows will hide my presence. Everything and everyone will be my slaves one day. And the world shall go dark. The weak will parish and the strong with survive. The humans and those filthy Pink Eyes are the weak ones. Me and my kind are the strong, and we've been mistreated for far too long. It is time to take revenge.

Chapter 3 part 3/3

It is in math class when he gets introduced. Melody's face is hidden behind her text book but it doesn't hide her blushing.

"This is Lovota Love. I want all of you to treat him kindly." The teacher says. "Would you sit beside Miss Black, Mr. Lovota?" Lovota doesn't respond. So that is his name, Lovota. He walks and sits beside Miss Black, who is Melody. Melody Black. "Would you show this new student around Melody? You seem to take quite a liking to him." The whole class snickers, and Melody's face goes even more red.  Once her face faded back to pink, Meldoy turns to Lovota.

"Hello, I'm Melody. Welcome to..."

"Lovota. But stay away from me." He says emotionlessly and not even looking in at Melody. Melody was trying to be polite. She starts to fume, and then the tears started to fill her eyes

"TEACHER! LOVOTA MADE MELODY CRY!" Sharren, who sits next to Melody screamed. The tears start to run down Melody's face.

"I have to use the washroom." Lovota says, and he stands up, and leaves the room.  

The End

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