Chapter 2 part 1/2

It is getting close to midnight. I stand atop the high sky-scrapper looking down at the passing cars and the innocent civilians. Poor things. Their lives would end soon. Very soon. I look behind me. There they are. Standing proud and full of pride. It makes me sick. They stare at me with hate.

 <That's her?> <Yes there she is> <So hideous> <Indeed> <Kill her?> <Yes>

I hear them think this. I attempt to zap them. The white bolts come out from my scale-like fingertips. They dodge this just in time. They are connected. Those pink eyed things. They share one brain. They aren't human. Neither am I. But my other form is. I can feel it starting to take over me again. I stuck my middle finger up at them. I jump off the building, and I run for my other form's home.

Chapter 2 part 2/2

Melody wakes up. It is Monday. Time for school. She gets up and has a cold shower. Her and her nieghboors share plumbing. They must've used up all the hot water again. Melody puts on her white and maroon red uniform. Her school colours. She grabs a peice of toast from the counter that her Mom must've made for her, and then looks at the clock. 8:00 a.m. She has plenty of time. Melody decides to walk to school today instead of catching the bus. She looks at the dazzeling snow as she walks past it. The trees are covered in the white powder. She smiles. She loves winter, but can't wait for spring. She rounds a corner and sees some one infront of her. He is about 10 metres away from her. The guy from last night. Melody could tell it was him. He is wearing the boys' uniform from her school. Melody stops walking and freezes. He... Is going to her school. She starts to blush. She then, unthinkingly, runs to catch up with him and taps her finger  on his shoulder. He turns around. Melody has her eyes tightly closed and she is looking at the ground.

"I'm sorry for the other night. I was watching the snow. I didn't meen to stare at you. I'm sorry." She blurts out way too fast. He doesn't reply. She glaces up at him. He is starring down at her. His face emotionless.

"It's okay. Just don't do it again," He then turns away, and starts walking towards the school.  His eyes are unnaturally blue. He must be wearing contacts. His teeth are so white. She stands there still blushing. To her, he is the most prince like person she had ever seen.

The End

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