Melody is a headstrong confident all around good girl. But why did she get stuck in such a life? Is her adopted brother and sister that were found hudling on the street have a secret? Is her counsiler going insane? and the new boy at school, what's his problem? But most importantly, is Melody really suffering from multipersonality disorder? Her life is confusing, but to her, everything will add up in t

Chapter 1 part 1/2 

I am sitting. Starring at an empty white wall. Who am I? Where am I? I look in the mirror that took up the whole right wall. I see my blonde hair. My insane look. My red pulsing eyes. Yes. That's who I am. I take off my torn old shoe and I throw it at the mirror. It crashes into a million pieces. I look, unblinkingly, at the shards of glass. Each one has my reflection staring back at me. 7 years of bad luck. 7 more years won't hurt. Won't my life just be bad luck anyways? I begin to pull chunks of hair from my skelp. Pain. I am familiar with this. I sit. My back against the wall. I look up at the white ceiling above me. It is time to change into my other form again.  

I should enjoy being in my other form. I won't be able to change back into it soon enough.

Chapter 1 part 2\2

          Melody sits up from her bed and looks out the window. It is snowing. A smile grows across her face. It is the first snowfall. She leaves her room and runs down the hall. Melody takes her jacket from the closet and slipps it on. She goes outside into the freezing night. She feels the cold stinging her skin, but it feels nice. Melody could breathe out here. Not like she could in there. In that house. She spreads out her arms and starts twirling. It is November 5th. The first snow fall and the first day things will start to change. Melody notices a guy walking down her street. She had never seen him before. He has black hair that comes down to his shoulders, and a bang that coveres one eye. She watches him with curiousity. He's so cool, she thinks. He just keeps walking with his head down. He is wearing all black. He then stops and looks at Melody. Melody looks away, blushing. Then he starts walking towards her. Melody runs inside her house in fear. She runs down the hall back to her bedroom and hides under the covers. She looks at the clock beside her. 6:00 a.m. it reads. She then turns her head to the cieling. Hopefully she would never have to see him again.     

The End

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