Robert reached for the remote control and turned off the TV. Only after 30 minutes of staring into the dark did he notice the stiffness in his limbs and the slow cold trickle of perspiration running the length of his backdown.

He was not ready for this. After years of study, practice and collaboration things had accelerated and time had stood still. He wanted more, he needed more and he knew this was not possible. He felt his hands begin to shake violently and once again crossed the threadbare carpet to the solace of the drinks cabinet. The warm whisky helped to bring on a slow and welcome feeling of elation, a nervous laugh and a sharp wave of nausea. He ran to the bathroom and vomited. Sitting on the cold tiles the images he had just witnessed danced around in his head, pictures of what he knew had been and was to come, waves of consciousness and moments of doubt. It was going to happen. He was going to make it happen and he needed Marla.

The End

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