Chapter 1

17 year old Taylor Kristen Moore's heart was shattered beyond repair when her boyfriend, Chris Allen broke up with her. It was sudden and unexpected like a scaring car crash. Ever since then Taylor has turned her back on love but maybe, just maybe, someone new can help her pick up the broken pieces.

Dark. Being in the dark is the worst feeling ever. So when my ex-boyfriend, Chris Allen, had broke my heart into millions of pieces and apparently everyone else knew he was going to but me, I entered this stage in where my life, life itself , meant nothing to me. 

"Tay?" Jessica, my best friend snapped waving her hand in front of my face, "Taylor? Did you even hear what I said?" she asked not surprised by my absence.

I looked at her and just smiled sheepishly. 
"Sorry Jess, no." I replied as she just snorted and rolled her eyes.

"I said, that you need to move on-Chris," She repeated promptly. 

 I actually flinched at the sound of his name, my eyes tearing up, but she kept going anyway, "Is gone girl! G-O-N-E, GONE!" she finished. 

 There was a reason why Jessica was one of my best friends: her honesty was something I used to appreciate. 

As the reality of it all hit me I sighed and looked down at my untouched food, a cheese burger and fries, on the table.

I knew she was right but somehow, deep in my heart, I knew it was easier said than done. 

Jessica's eyes softened as she heard me sniffle. "Listen Taylor... I can't imagine how bad you feel right now." She says, gently placing her hand on top of mine. "But I'm always going to be there for you ok?" 

I nod, wiping my eyes. "Yeah... I know." 


On Saturday the early morning air is cool and tiny goosebumps rise on my arms and legs as I sit on the edge of my front porch. Both my parents are still sleeping.

The steam rising from the cup of cinnamon tea, held tightly in my hands, tickles my nose as I take a small sip.

Dawn is breaking over the horizon, slowly lighting up the pale blue sky. I've never been an early riser, especially on the weekends, but today I can't sleep at all. The longer I laid in bed, the more the feeling of loss would consume me until finally I couldn't stand it any longer.

I sip more of my steadily cooling tea before picking up my phone and scrolling through my contacts. I need someone close to talk to- badly. Someone who won't judge anything I say.

The phone rings about 3 times before someone answers. 

"Hello?" A yawning boy's voice answers. "Taylor is that you?" 


"Why in the hell are you up so early?" Grant Cullen asks. I can imagine him siting up in bed, running a hand through his messy dark brown hair. "On a Saturday?"

"I needed to talk to somebody." 

A moment of silence then another yawn. "All right. Lay it on me." He replies solemnly. "I'm listening."

He listens to me quietly over the phone until I can't talk anymore. "Was I not good enough for him Grant?" I finally ask, fighting to keep my voice steady. This is the question that was haunting me ever since the breakup but was too afraid to ask.

I hear him chuckle a bit over the phone.

"You know... if you ask me Tay... you were too good for him in the first place." 

The End

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