She took a long slow drag on her Malborough Lite, tossed it onto the grass and re-applied her fuscia lipstick in the reflection of her black ray-bans. Marla was not sure what she was doing here and gave a heavy sigh before re-adjusting her headscarf and walking over to the swings where he was waiting. He was not what she was expecting. When she had heard his voice on the phone she had expected to see a small, middle aged, unassuming man in his 40s instead she was looking at a tall, slighty eccentric looking gentleman who was 60 if he was a day. Dressed in a raincoat similar to her own he gave her a warm smile and reached out to shake her hand. "These are hard times" he remarked offering her cigarette and gesturing to one of the empty swings.

Marla's instinct was to turn and run but instead she sat silently and waited for him to speak.

The End

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