Lip Gloss

A girl gets fed up with her best friend's rottn ex-boyfriends and decides they need a punishment.

They say, blondes have more fun, right? So then why is my best friend Chelsea crying against my shirt, then? I still didn't know yet. I was walking to my next class, Chemistry, when she grabbed me and started crying. I patted her back.

"Hey, Chels, it might be easier for me to comfort you if you actually explained why you're crying..."

She looked up at me, her eyes red and swollen. She sniffed, then started to hiccup.

"Oh, Ivy,  *hic*, it's awful! *hic* Brad...*hic*, he BROKE UP WITH ME~~~!!!"

This started a whole new wave of crying. I pulled out a hankerchief out of my pocket that was there just for Chelsea. You see, this isn't the first or third time this has happened. she practically has a different boyfriend every month. But I don't think Chelsea's a slut. It's just that guys are her weakness. I sighed.

"Well, why did Brad break up with you?"

"I *hic* don't know~. This just sucks soooo muuuchhh!~~~ I thought he was the one!! *hic*"

Chelsea says that about all of the guys, I think... Well, I didn't help that Chelsea daydreams a lot and that she was a romantic...

Chelsea wiped her eyes with the hankerchief and sniffed.

"Well, thanks for stopping, Ivy. I gotta go to English now..."

She tucked her hair behind her ear and wiped under her eyes, checking her face for any make-up fixes, and walked away. As I watched her go, I felt a little bad. Chelsea believes in true love and all those things and she gets hurt a lot. I, on the other hand, have never had a boyfriend. I put all of my energy in schoolwork.

To make it worse, all of Chelsea's ex-boyfriends were guys that totally didn't deserve her. Most of them cheated on her or stood her up. I didn't want to watch her get hurt again.

I smiled. They deserved Revenge. Yeah, that's right, capitol R Revenge. I decided to tell Chelsea my plan after school.


I invited Chelsea to my house after school.

"So, Ivy, what did you want to tell me?" Her eyes were still a little puffy. I knew she deserved Revenge.

"Well, Chelsea, do you want revenge on all those two-timing jerks?"

She looked at me, puzzled.

"Um...Yeah. They were horrible. But... how?"

I smiled.

"Do you remember how they all broke up with you and stuff?"


I stood up on my bed and pointed my finger at her, grinnning.

"So we give them a taste of their own medicine!!"

Chelsea started to get the idea. She grinned.

"Oh, like that one movie? Where the girls all get revenge?"

"Totally. You want to do this?"

She stood up, too.

"Never been ready."

I jumped off the bed and headed downstairs. In the middle of the hallway, I turned back to Chelsea.

"Let's roll."

The End

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