I meet lion boyMature

hey guys a quick author's note here before this chapter, hope you don't mind! Basically this will be my last chapter for this story and this account. For those of you who are wondering why it is because i just wasn't going where i really wanted to with this account and i felt the need to start anew, so i figured i would finish this last promised chapter for the readers sake before i was really done. For those of you guys who may still want to follow me, i am now ECLIPSE on protagonize and will be continuing writing. Thanks guys. (also since this is the last chapter i will probably not strive for grammatical acceptance.)


                   I stared in awe my mouth open, my jaw dropped about a foot. I must have been seeing things. The boy turned into a lion! "Yaaaaaa..." he said awkwardly looking away in something that almost could have been classified as embarrassment.I just stared mouth still agape. "I just guess I'll go now..." Lion boy said again. Finally when he started to run back down the path was i finally when i snapped out of it. "Wait! Hold up! Don't go!" I yelled running after him. He stopped and turned around as i caught up to him. I doubled over trying to catch my breath after all that had just happened. Wait, all that just happened, Mother!  I collapsed into the boy's arm sobbing after the weight of the catastrophic events of the day crashed in.


                      The girl fell into his arms crying her eyes out, saying between sobs "mother" over and over. He held her awkwardly not quite sure what to do. Girls were definately not one of his strengths, and he did not even begin to understand them. What do they call these things? Was it mood swings??? She finally stopped crying and lifted herself out of his arms, looking shyly away, now fully aware of what just occurred. "Sorry" she said weakly. There was a suspended period of silence before he finally realized he should respond. "Oh! uhhhhh, ya it's umm, it,its fine, really" he said in a mumbo-jumbo. She just nodded. "sooo, what brings you down here?" She laughed out loud. "The lion boy asks me why I'm down here." Kayle was hurt and looked away saying nothing. Realizing what she'd done she quickly lamented, "Oh, sorry I didnt mean it like that." "No its okay, you dont see someone like me everyday." he replied. They both smiled at that. She looked up at the sky. "It's getting dark", and after a shiver, "and a little cold too." "Oh I know just the thing!" He scurried around collecting sticks and wood, then after bringing it back triumphantly took out and brandished a lighter (which he previously stole from an orphanage chaperone). That made them both laugh. After that Sapphira ran back up to her home (much to Kayle's worrying, but he wasnt about to stop her, not without a black eye), and got food, and on warm, full stomachs they told each other their stories. When they were done they just sat there staring at each other. Just when Kayle though it was a little romantic, there was a hiss and a growl behind them. Kayle leaped to his feet hair grown, fangs elongated, claws extended, a mother lion ready to defend her cub.

The End

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