Tea, and BloodMature

Sapphira sipped her lemonade and sighed. If only every day could be like this. "Don't stay out to long honey, you'll get heat stroke!" her mom called from the house. She groaned. She rolled over and tried to soak up as much more sun as she could in the next few minutes before she had to go inside and work. Thats all she ever did anymore. It was all work, work, work these days. Since father had died she had inherited most of his jobs around the farm. There seemed to always be some type of chore she had to do. It was always "Sapphira milk the cows!", and "Sapphira collect the chicken eggs!", "Sapphira do this!", "Sapphira do that!'. She was sick of it. But then she scolded her self. If She didn't work there would be nothing to sell, and if there was nothing to sell they would make no money, and if they didn't have any money they couldn't pay bills, and would lose their home.

Sapphira groaned again, got up, and headed inside. On her way in, she heard a scream and then something shattering. "Mom!" she called out fearfully. No answer. "Mom!!!" she called out louder. Still no answer. Sapphira ran towards the house franticly. She burst through the door, and her heart leaped into her mouth. There laying on the floor in a pool of blood was her mother. Next to her was the shattered pot of tea she had made. She rushed over to her mothers side and knelt down beside her carcass. She bowed her head and sobbed, holding her mothers head in her hands. Who would do such a thing!?!? She couldn't think of anyone who could possibly hold a grudge on her mother. Her mom was to kind, and compassionate for anyone not to like her. At least enough to kill her! But as Sapphira looked more closely, she could see the wound on her mom was not from a knife or bullet. It was deep claw marks acrossed her mothers throat.

Suddenly there was a hiss behind her. She wheeled around, and saw a hideous animal. It was a creature with the body of a leopard, and a head of a snake. It hissed again and crouched, ready to pounce. Sapphira dived to the side screaming as the creature hurtled past her, claws extended. She picked herself up, and sprinted out of the house towards the cliff. Her curiosity as a younger child had saved her life. When she was younger she would sneak out at night, and explore a path she had found that led down the cliff. She reached the edge and looked back. The creature was running out the door after her. She started down the path, careful not to fall. The path was very treacherous, and she could easily fall, and kill herself. Sapphira reached the bottom and glanced up. She had hoped that the creature wouldn't be able to follow her but to her disapointment, and amazement the creature had been able to follow, but also was less than half the way down.

She turned and ran along the bank of the gorge. The creature had reached the bottom and started to chase after her. She took a left turn and swore. It was a dead end! She desperately turned around and tried to run back, but the creature was there waiting for her. It slowly approached her, knowing it had her trapped. If a snake can smile, Sapphira swore this one was. It crouched down again for the killing pounce. It hissed and leaped through the air, and she put up her hands in front of her in a hopeless defensive shield. Then to her amazement, she heard a roar and a hiss of agony. She put her hands down and saw a half boy, half lion killing the creature. Once the lion boy had killed the creature, it turned to her, and changed back into a boy. "Hello" the boy said. "My name is Kayle".  

The End

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