Cannibal CaninesMature

Kayle's eyes fluttered open, and he groaned. He got up and found himself on a river bank soaked to the skin. For a moment he didn't know where he was or what he was doing there. Then Kayle remembered. He remembered his escape and himself jumping of the cliff. Wait... that was a half-a-mile drop. He should be dead. Yet the weird thing was He didn't even have a single bruise.

Then an overwhelming feeling of joy surged inside Kayle. He had done it! He was finally free! In all of his excitement, Kayle didn't notice the creatures him. As He walked he heard a crunch of pebbles behind him, and stopped dead in his tracks. Then his instincts kicked in, and told him to keep walking without turning, so whoever, or whatever would not know he had heard them. He could sense his follower getting hazardously close. The voice saved his life. Duck!  the voice yelled inside Kayle's head. As he ducked, he felt something barely graze his head, and take off a chunk of his hair.

He whirled around, and sized up his enemy. They were these two creatures that had a head of a dog (or coyote, Kayle really didn't know), and the body of a man. The creature took another swipe, but this time he was ready. He ducked, then kicked the creature square in the chest, sending in straight into the river. Then the second one advanced looking angry (if a dog can look angry) and charged. He rolled, tripping the creature in the same motion, and stood back up ready for more. Then the first creature emerged form the water, looking furious. It swung again, he dodged, and dived between the other ones legs before it could slice his back. His movements were now becoming desperate, and weak. He couldn't keep this up for much longer. The creatures knew he was getting tired, and were putting more into their attacks.

YOU WON'T LOSE!!! the voice screamed in defiance. Then thats when it happened. Kayle started growing claws, and growing hair, until he had razor sharp fangs, talons, and a mane. He felt strength course through his body. He felt unstoppable. He pounced on the first creature raking his claws through it's stomach, and it fell into the river, turning the water crimson. Kayle felt like he had been plugged into a outlet, and as if electricity was surging through him. The second creature took one look at him and fled. Or at least it tried to. He leaped through the air, slicing his claws through it's neck, and the creature fell over dead. Then, as sudden as it happened, he changed back. He was a kid again. It was all over. 

The End

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