The gods Set, Sobek, Anubis, and Sekhmet are conjuring up a monstrous storm. A storm that will destroy the whole world. When the survival for mankind looks hopeless, three heroes will rise up. A son of Maahes, a daughter of Bast, and a son of horus. Will these young heroes be able to save Earth before it is to late?

The shouts behind him were growing louder... they were gaining. Kayle was on the run. Again. Kayle was an orphan. He had never seen or known his parents. he had been sent to many orphanages, which all he had ran away from, as he was doing now.Kayle had run from the orphanages and taken refuge in the network of alleys in Cario, Egypt, wandering in them, sleeping in them, learning how to navigate through the maze of them , and sleeping in them then eventually, after 4,5 days of starvation Kayle would be forced to come out and try to find or steal food, and then be caught and sent to another orphanage.

Now the men were dangerously close. Give it  20 more seconds and they would be within arms reach. A turn was coming up, and the voice inside of Kayle's head told him: turn right, and so he did. There had always been the mysterious voice inside Kayle. The voice had directed Kayle to hideouts, through the alleys, and helped him when he was running away, telling him where to go,and to speed up or to slow down, and strangely the voice was always right.

Another turn came up and the voice told him to turn right again. Kayle looked both ways. On the right, the way was the way that the voice had told him to go. It was a wide open area with no place to hide if the need came . On the left it was rocky and the dark, and so Kayle, decided against the voice, and chose to go left, but what Kayle didn't know is that if he had gone right he would have ran down a hill and then would have found a forest, and as Kayle ran the rock stopped abruptly and Kayle found himself standing in a bare cliff. Kayle turned around to go back but heard his pusuers coming. Kayle cursed and started to run.

Kayle made a turn and his heart leapt up into his throat. Kayle was standing on the edge of a half a mile drop into a rushing river. Kayle heard the people come out of the rocky path. Kayle swore again as the people shouted as the spotted him, and started to run toward him. Kayle almost cried. He had failed again. Now he would be sent back to the orphanage. No!, Kayle would not be captured! Kayle was better than this. He would not be taken back! Before he could chicken out of it, Kayle mustered up his courage and jumped.

The End

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