The Egg Moves On

As she was the country's most reknowned dairyfelon, P.C. Leopold Leopard had been keeping a tight watch on Eliza for some considerable time now.

Unfortunately, since the watch he kept on her was his own, his usually impeccable timekeeping had suffered recently as a result and he had missed stakeout duty that night....  missing not only the chance to catch Eliza 'Moolittle' Crank red handed - but also to apprehend a far more sinister and pungent threat.... the figure!

For this was the very figure that had crept unseen to pilfer Lionel's unlucky egg from the brink of Eliza's frying pan - a shadowy presence with an indeterminable agenda. What threat did he hold for our plucky little shell-bound scamp?

So little was known about the figure that some people claimed not to know anything about him at all... and those people really annoyed P.C. Leopard, who would beat them at any given opportunity - sometimes even when one wasn't offered.

Leopard wasn't slow. He'd heard tell of people 'watching their figure' and knew this was some kind of code used by the figure's criminal network to orchestrate his international chicanery. The 17 health food shops and 5 gymnasiums he had personally closed down acting on this assertion spoke volumes about Leopard's drive to thwart this criminal mastermind, not to mention his own mental health.

Though his methods were not without their detractors, Leopard maintained that the torching of each establishment, sometimes even after it had been closed down, was the only effective way of showing the figure he meant business. Leopard was convinced that before long he would have his figure fully exposed in public, a prospect which was his only source of pleasure.

But what was he, this figure? An enigma? Leopard thought not since he resented having to use dictionaries.

And, more to the point, what now for Eggory Egg?!


The End

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