Lionel's Diary

It will be notable for readers to notice that our hero is a spy. Oh, not one of those sneaky, black-shaded, flimsy -brown-coated, ride-around- a -black-coaster kind of spy.  Or anyone employed by InterPOL.

No, our poor fellow had the habit of carrying around a brown-carboarded spiral  notebook filled with college-ruled paper and stocked with a couple of 2-point lead pencils and an eraser. The college-ruled paper was dog-marked-- meaning dog-bitten-- in its most recently used pages and the others sparkly clean.

Our poor fellow had the habit of starting up his car, a scrappy two door, and going to find, and spy on, eggs. For every egg, there was an entry. This was Lionel's passion, and therefore the notebook was important.

In the meanwhile, Rancid's reddish-pink, thick tongue licks all of Lionel's long, sensitive fingers and then begins to chow on Lionel's longest fingers. Then her nose quivered and she sloppily started licking Lionel's face, especially his ears.

Lionel had big ears that they were almost like mini horns. And that was where Rancid often liked to lick him.  When that did not not usually get him to zip upright and and gasp and twiddle his head to get the signs of her affection out of his ear, Rancid lost interest and actually went  to attack his desk, which smelled of twiglets.

Unfortunately, Rancid's nose hounded out  the most twiglet-smelling thing on his desktop. And that was his notebook. Rancid lost no time on settling down with a select page in her mouth.

Suddenly bouncing feet that grounded to the floor completely and then came off  thumped- thumped-THUMPED right down the hall outside and the attempted to open, but could only crack an inch  because of Lionel's giant Oxford- based feet in the way.

A high pitched shrieked echoed the four walls in the room and a male voice sobbed, "Oh Bobby! Oh Bobby! Coming Bobby Coming!" And the the steps that went thump-thump-THUMP  faded down the hall; barely two minutes pass when thump-thump-THUMP the footsteps came back and the door was forced open.

Splash! Yet, another shriek, and this time it ripped from the throat of Mister Lionel Bobba Ni. That's right, Ni.

Lionel Ni Jerked upright, body waving back and forth involuntarily, sideways, and back in an ecentric pattern, his clothes completely clinging to him and gasping.

The End

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