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About a week after Marie had spoken to Alice and Alexander, Marie was released frm the hospital and her mother and father came to take her back home.  It was easily the longest car ride in history since it was completely spent in tense silence rotating with bouts of discipline and many many questions.  The verdict for her dissappearance was being grounded with extra chores until the end of the harvest...basically from 2 months.  Marie didn't dare complain though hoping maybe to gain her parent's trust back.  Her family learned to see and accept her clairvoyance eventually.

Not long after their discussion, Alice's parents were notified that their daughter was discovered and recovering at Kayleyview Memorial Hospital.  They came and stayed with her until she recovered enough to go home.

Alexander was shipped back to Simcoe Falls the day after he spoke to Marie back home to his foster family.  He stayed for a few days but managed to make his way back to Kayleyvale again just before Marie and Alice had left to go home.  He travelled for a while as a nomad to escape child services until he turned eighteen a few weeks after.  He stayed in contact with Marie through occasional letters he would post whenever he had the chance to stop and write and Alice did the same.

Around mid September, Alexander surprised her with a visit.  He sauntered over in, surprisingly, a pair of coveralls and field boots which looked very interesting with his broad smile.  He told her he was working as help for the farm family next door for the rest of the season or until they no longer needed him.  He was building a base for himself before returning to the city and maybe getting a post secondary education.

Many of the autumn days were spent in school and the fields making up for her escapade but after a while, she was free to spend her time exploring with Alexander again.  They still receive messages from the spirit world but none have compelled them away to rescue yet.

The End

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