Chapter 25 ~ The Coroner Calls it DeadMature


It seemed like ages passed until Marie finally faded back into reality.  She heard a beeping sound every so often and opened her eyes to see it came from a cardiogram.  She looked around to see she was laying in a hospital bed with tubes and wires all over her, taking her pulse and blood pressure, attached to her via IV and even providing her with oxygen.  She sniffed on the last one.  The nosepiece was hurting her.  She even looked down to see her arm in a cast.  No wonder the fall hurt so much.

When her vision came into focus, she saw a few shapes surrouding her.  They soon faded into her family.  Her momma and daddy and even her sister were sitting there, a mix of emotions but they sat there in silence for a moment.

Her sister was the first to say anything.  "What the sam hill compelled you to do such a thing!?" she said accusatory to Marie.  All Marie could do was blink in response to her sister's question, unsure how to answer it any other way.

"Francine!  Your sister's just come conscious!  You think she really need to hear that now!?" her mother snapped at her daughter.  Francine shrunk back a bit and kept silent.  Her momma turned and stroked her hair.  "Now don't you worry, you'll be out of here soon.  We can talk about all of this later," she said in a strained tone before standing up and turning towards the door.  "There's someone else who wants to see you," she said and al three of them walked out the door without another word.

Marie bit her lip in silence.  She knew leaving the way she did those few days ago wasn't right but what else was she to do?  Let the poor girl die?  She didn't even know if she was still alive or if Alexander was for that matter.  The guy could still be on the loose and all she did was delay him.  When she left, she had hoped they would understand.  Well of course, they didn't.

A few mintues after her family left, Alexander walked in.  He was bandaged up a bit but seemed to be in relatively good shape.  "Hey champ, you doing alright?" he said to her.

Marie just shrugged a bit.  "I'll be okay.  What happened?"

Alexander shrugged passively.  "Not much.  The cops and the ambulance arrived not long after you took him out.  You must have really slammed him because the force he was at going down the stairs killed him.  The coroner just pronounced him dead.  As for the accomplice, the fuzz have him on the run."

"How about the girl?"

"She's going to be okay.  She suffered a bad concussion and some previous wounds from when she was stuck there but she should be fine.  She's going home today.  She wanted me to tell you thank you for hepling her.  Her name's Alice just so you know."

Just moments after he said that, the door opened and a nurse escorted a teenage girl in.  She was also banadged up but her spirits were high.  It was Alice.  "Hey, you must be Marie," she said.

"In the flesh," Marie joked a bit but winced from her arm.

Alice stumbled towards her and sat in the chair her mother sat in only moments before.  "Hey, I just want to thank you from helping me there.  It's kinda funny though, it really fascinates me how you knew about me.  I mean, it wasn't televised or anything."

Marie looked up at Alexander with a bit of a sigh.  "It's a long story."

The End

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