Chapter 24 ~ Dead EndsMature


"So what are you going to do now?"  The poor girl's captor sneered from his artificial pinnacle.

"What we planned to do all along.  Get her outta here and give you your just desserts!"  Marie spat at him scathingly.  she tried to wriggle out of Alexander's binding hug but it was no use.  He had no intentions of letting her near that thing.

The man laughed with exaggerated vigour.  "And just how were you going to accomplish that?  I mean really, you're just a teeny kid.  What could you possibly do?"

Alexander seemed to snap out of his little trance at this point and stared down their amesary.  "She is not useless.  And she's right.  We'll make sure you pay for this," he said releasing her from the embrace but keeping his hand on her shoulder.  She knew what he was silently telling her:  Do not just go charging up there, I know you will if I let you.  Marie heeded his mental warning and grumbled a bit in reply.

"Good luck with that," the man said and shoved the comatose girl forward and down the stairs.

Marie panicked and ran forwards to catch her.  She lept up the stairs as fast as she could and managed to stop the girl from falling down any more of the steps.  She knelt down and propped the girl against the wall of the stairwell and tried to get her to wake up.

She didn't notice thought that the man had followed the corpse down and reached over and snatched Marie up by the waist.  She was so startled that she began to scream loudly and thrash out violently.  She didn't see that coming and she cursed herself for making herself so vulnerable.

The blue-eyed man laughed in a sort of victory as he held her up to spite Alexander.  He was becoming irked by her fighting and she knew it.  Marie fought harder to get him to let her go.  She turned and gave him a determined glare dead in his sallow eyes.  She thought for a moment she had won until he smiled wickedly when she paused and threw her up onto the upper level.

Marie flew through the air and skidded across the wood floor until she slammed sideways into a partition behind them.  She heard a crunch and a surge of pain shot up her arm.  She doubled onto the floor with agony and tried to stifle any screams of pain.  She clutched her arm and rolled to face the man and Alexander.  She managed to hoist herself up and began to stagger over towards them.

Alexander had run up and moved the girl away from harm at this point and was now grappling the man on the stairs.  They were precariously balanced on the tiny steps and it seemed like at any moment, Alexander would be shoved and tumble down to his death.  Marie held her arm to her chest and instincitvely ran forward.

What happened next was all a blur.  Alexander moved out of the way as she leaped into the air.  She collided onto the man's back and they both careened down the flight of stairs.  She hit the bottom and felt so weak from all the pain, now seemingly all over her body.  She heard the faint yells of Alexander frantically asking if she was okay and the sounds of sirens when she faded into the darkness.

The End

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