Chapter 23 ~ B & EMature


When Marie reached the house, she immediately went to work on trying to open the door.  She tried everything from lock-picking to batter ramming the door.  Alexander soon caught up and tried to help her.  He was back on the phone trying to get a hold of the authorities again but it still didn't seem like it was working.  He kept hanging up and redialing until he saw the basement window by the door.  He hung up the phone and kicked the window in.  When he did so, he jumped inside and Marie instantly followed.

That place was horrendous.

Though it took a few moments for her eyes to adjust, Marie knew the moment she entered the room that it was a place riddled with horrendous memories.  She looked over to Alexander who was painfully covering his ears.  "Come on!" he yelled and ran as fast as he could out of the basement and up the stairs.  Marie didn't know why he freaked out so bad until she herself started getting flashes from those who suffered here...

She an after him to try and escape it but found little solace on the main floor.  They ran over towards the kitchen and living room and soon found the stairs.  Marie was so full of adrenaline that she almost ran up the stairs.  She jumped to take the stairs two at a time when Alexander grabbed her in a vice grip.  She was about to rebuke when she saw he was frozen, looking at what waited at the top.

There was the girl.  Unconscious on the floor and the man that chased her before, standing above her.  His brilliant blue eyes gleaming with a spiteful rage.

The End

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