Chapter 22 ~ Run AwayMature


She was ready to die.

The moment the man with the iridescent eyes began to step forward, she knew she had lost this fight.  She was ready to die even if she truly wasn't.  She began to pray the closer he came and only one thing snapped her out of it:  "There's a window beneath you!"

Alice's eyes snapped open and she looked beneath her heels.  The girl was right.  There was a window and it wasn't that far below.  She sprung into action and hoisted herself down and onto the window's ledge.  She pulled it open and jumped inside to the temporsry safety the house provided.

Alice lost her balance in mid-air and ended up falling into the bathtub and striking her head off the cast iron sides.  Pain shot across her scalp and she stifled a painful yelp.  She wanted to lie there but the enraged yells of her captor above spurred her onwards.  She stumbled and tried to make her way to the front door but the blow to her head made her dizzy and disoriented.

She heard both thumping and banging but the thumping from above and the banging from below.  She tried to pinpoint what it was but even thinking was becoming too hard for her.

It was then she blacked out.

The End

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