Chapter 21 ~ Plan BMature


Marie thought she was dreaming when she saw the man climb out of the window and crawl after that girl.  She watched her scream and try to escape but there was no use, she was so high up...


The world all of a sudden zoomed forward and wheeled around in a fast-forward like motion around the house and to the back.  She was now standing on the grass in the backyard looking up at the terrified girl on the roof's edge above.

Marie panicked in a dreamy way and looked for an escape for her.  She noticed there was a window right underneath.  Although it was closed, Marie still had a strong feeling it would aid the girl somehow.  She opened her mouth to tell her but nothing came out...


When she snapped out of the snippet of a daydream, Marie looked anxiously at Alexander who was watching her intently and turned to look at the victim.  He had almost reached her.  "The window beneath you!" she yelled aloud to her.

The girl looked at her panicked but seemed to get the message.  She grabbed the edges of the eavestrough and swung down and out of sight.

Alexander looked warily at her.  "She just jumped!"

"No she didn't.  C'mon follow me!"  Marie said and ran to the front of the house, ready to get her out.

The End

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