Chapter 20 ~ Uh OhMature


It took them a while to finally reach the street she was on but at last they were here!  She waved so violently that she almost lost her balance a few times.  After a bit, the girl noticed her and pointed up at her with a excited tone to her voice.  The boy turned and cursed loudly in surprise, so loud it was very audible from where she stood.  Alice had to laugh a bit at that but still kept her maniacal waving up so they'd see she was clearly in trouble.

After a bit, the boy pulled out a cell phone.  Maybe he was calling the police!  This could be her chance!  But after a few moments, he shut the phone and both of them down there had slumped, defeated looking postures.  Alice grew worried.  Won't anyone help her?  She waved even moreso to attract their attention again but was soon relieved when they turned and faced her.

"Hey!  What in the hell are you doing up there!?"

Alice froze in fear.  The man with the iridescent eyes.  He was awake.  She looked down to see him staring up at her from the windowsill, very much enraged.  He began to clambour out and try to get onto the roof.

Alice looked at the two teenagers below and screamed in terror.  she hoped she was easily getting the message across because if he caught her, she'd most certaintly be dead.

She ran to the other side of the roof to look for another escape.  Her only option there was to jump onto the grassy backyard and risk breaking every bone in her body if not dying.  She abandoned that idea and went to turn back and lok around for other options. 

When she pivoted, he was standing on the other side of the roof, murderous rage flared in his eyes and his knuckles were white from clenching his fists.  "If I knew you'd be this much trouble, I'dve never vested in keeping you alive so long," he spat condascendingly.

Alice gulped a bit but kept her mouth shut.  If she screamed now, he'd react faster and worse, most liekly leading to her early demise.  She balanced precariously by the edge of the roof.  she shifted as best she could to move away but her captor's body language compelled her to be still.  He grinned cracked his knuckles.  "That's better," he crooned and stepped towards her.

The End

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