Chapter 19 ~ The Victim and The RescuersMature


She managed to clear the meadow-like lot and make it into the suburb relatively quickly.  She'd admit, the run was exhilarating.  She missed being able to galavant like that.  She turned to share her rhapsody with Alexander but soon noticed he'd stopped running a while back and a good many feet stood between them.  She waved impatiently at him to hurry up and he did speed up his walking and eventually caught up to her.

"What happened to you?"  Marie teased.

"Okay so I'm no track athlete, leave me alone,"  Alexander grumbled in protest.

"Ooh, touchy touchy,"  Marie tsked in reply but then kept on moving towards the edge of the houses and the entrance to the old sector.

After a bit of walking, they went into the neighbourhood and stood at a T-junction outside a grungy looking convenience store with an even shadier looking proprietor at the counter.  Marie was dying for a soft drink but knew better than to go in there for one.  Who knows, she could come out with Absynthe for all she knew.

Alexander looked around with mild interest but nothing of extreme surprise or repulsion.  He leaned up against the letter box for the mail and exhaled.  "Well we know it's around here but just where is the question now..." he trailed off and kicked at the chipped gravel by his feet.

Marie looked around in thought, thinking of the prophecies and the dreams until something caught her eye.  She looked past Alexander to the street behind him and smiled in victory.  "Well I don't think we have to look very far.  It's her!"  she exclaimed with a bounce in her posture now.

Alexander widened his eyes with a shocked state of confusion and turned around to see the girl on the roof waving maniacally at them.  "Holy shit!" he yelled and stumbled back a bit, staring at the girl with a sense of shocked awe mirroring Marie's own expression.  She didn't think either of them would see this girl live especially on a roof waiving to them for help.

Marie smiled and pulled a quarter out of her pocket.  "Let's find the nearest payphone!"

Alexander grinned and turned to his rucksack.  "Way ahead of you there," he said and pulled out a primitive looking cellphone compared to most teenage-crazed devices of this era.  He flipped it open, turned it on and dialed the emergency number and took a few paces to the road signpost and leaned against it.  Marie listened as he asked to speak to the police and began to explain the situation.  He was soon cut off and some raised mumbles echoed through the earpiece at him.  Alexander tried to reason with the message's recipient but it seemed futile, ending in raised voices and Alexander just hanging up on him, muttering curse words under his breath.  He looked up at Marie wit a foul expression.  "Well that's out.  They could possibly care less when there's a small riot on the other side of town!"

Marie looked up at the girl on the roof looking down at them anxiously and back at Alexander.  "What should we do now?"

Alexander exhaled and turned towards the house.  "We'll have to deal with this ourselves.  Like we always do."

The End

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