Chapter 18 ~ Help Is On the WayMature


She had been up there a while with the blue-eyed man.  Longer than usual.  After a long and tiresome round of the usual "antics," he had fallen asleep on the bed beside her.  He just started to snore lightly when Alice was able to focus again.  Her mind kicked into high gear.  How could she get out?  Could she get out?  The accomplice didn't come today.  Did she have a chance?  Memories of Denise telling her to flee crept back but she shook them out of her mind.  The slight movements caused the man to shift in consciousness before settling back into his deep slumber again.

Alice breathed lightly.  Getting out of there wouldn't be so easy as she hoped it would be.  She leaned to sit up as softly as she could without disturbing him.  The creaking bed was enough to cause anyone alarm and he did shift again before deciding to settle.  She looked out the window to the world outside again.  There was the convenience store and the house with all the cars.  She wondered of any of them would help her if she got out of the house.  Doubt it,  She quickly thought back.

She looked out that window again and wondered a bit to herself.  She noticed it was old like many other features of the house she saw.  Her side was closest so maybe escaping would be easier.  Even if she didn't escape, even if she died, at least she died trying.  Plus, death offered a much nicer bargain than this hell.

Alice quietly leaned over to the windowsill, shifting her weight as softly as she could.  She broke her fall with her hands on the old, splintered wood.  Alice flinched as the wood dug into her hands but she stayed quiet and shifted her weight onto her front end and onto her hands.  She managed to pry the window open halfway before it stuck from age and warping.  Knowing her space was limited,  She lay and began to slide out the small opening of the window. 

Partway out, she saw the pitch of the garage roof about 6 feet below and bit her lip in thought.   Once her upper body was out, she slid her legs out and hung from the ledge.  After looking down at the pitch's angle, Alice soon decided this was a bad idea as her chances of landing and not sliding off were very slim.  She did try though and ended up doing the splits over the pitch of the roof.  After wincing in pain, she shuffled to the edge and looked out onto the street below. 

The world below her was barren and lifeless.  No one was seen outside, or even at their windows.  No dogs were heard, not even a squirrel was seen dancing on the wires.  Alice sighed and leaned back a bit, not knowing what else to do when a noise caught her attention.  A faint echo of a girl's voice could be heard if you listened. 

Alice bolted upright and waited to hear another voice, hoping she wasn't hallucinating.  When all grew silent, she grew restless.  There was a trellis at the edge of the roof.  Alice slid over and began to climb up it to the roof.  After scrambling her way up, she stood to gain a better look of her surroundings.  A field and empty lot extended behind the houses across the T junction and two moving figures rushed towards her. 

Alice's heart soared.  Someone who could possibly help her!  She waved ecstatically, bouncing on her toes hoping they would see her.  Maybe they would help.  She hoped they would.

The End

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