Chapter 17 ~ DecodeMature


Marie stood up and looked at Alexander with thoughts rolling over in her mind of both prophecies.  "Well once to the right and thrice to the left is easy.  So we go right once and left three times.  Then through a place of festivals and mort... I'm kinda stuck there."

Alexander nodded.  "Me too.  Maybe if we start walking, it'll become clearer."

Marie nodded and walked on ahead.  They went once right and left three times to find themselves around the edges of the city.  They're were empty lots around and some vans parked closeby.  Marie looked at them curiously and wondered.  Festival and mort... 

Alexander had wandered ahead of her and examined the paved and grassy areas.  He stood and looked at an old billboard-like sign closeby and stared at it with a scrutinizing glare as if he were trying to read its faded scripts.  Marie walked up to him and asked why he was looking at it so strangely.

"I think it has some significance but I'm not sure.  I would know if I could read it better," he said trying every approach to try and figure out what the old advertisement tool said before it was neglected and left here.

Marie walked by the abandoned vans and noticed they as well were faded.  She attempted to decode the words as well, finding the same amount of luck as well as acquiring the same deformed expression as Alexander some few feet away.  After no such luck, she went to turn around and report her unfortunate news when she was hit by another image:


It was a blur of bright lights in a dark world.  People laughed and walked around through the neon darkness in groups eating strange foods and carrying plushy shapes Marie couldn't make out.  She felt dizzy and nearly collapsed when it all faded away...


When she focused, she was looking at the sky and Alexander was right above her, concern showing in his face.  "Are you ok?  You turned and looked delirious and collapsed.  Was it another picture?"

Marie took a few moments to reorient herself and nodded in response.  She slowly told Alexander everything again and sat up straight.  She held her head in her hands, now nursing a headache. 

When she looked up again, she saw Alexander zoned out and slightly bobbing his body back and forth.  She looked at him with a raised eyebrow so when he returned to the world, his first sight was her quizzical expression.  He shrugged and looked at her almost apologetically.  "It was carnival music.  Reminds me of the fall fairs as a kid."

"Wait, carnival music?"

"Ya, what?  Why?" Alexander asked, now confused.

Marie gave herself a facepalm, soon regretting it when it made her headache worse.  "Of course!  Why didn't I think of that!"

"Think of what?"

"Carnivals!  The place of festivals!"  Marie said a little too excitedly.

Alexander nodded in agreement and looked around a bit more.  "It could also be that place of mort."

Marie furrowed her brow in a confused manner.  She never did catch on what mort meant when he first mentioned it.  "Mort?"

"It's a root word that means death in many of the latin based languages.  Well I think it's dead here,"  Alexander said with an open-armed gesture to the abandoned lot.

Marie nodded and looked over towards the lot's other side.  There was a row of houses over there but they were too far away to see in detail.  She stood up and helped Alexander back onto his feet.  "Come on, I think we're almost there!" she said and ran towards the next place to be.

The End

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