Chapter 16 ~ Images and SongMature


Marie slowly backed away from the defiled corpse and went to try to console Alexander.  She bent down to his level and looked at him as he sat there, a mix of hysteria and remaining horror.  She gave him a bit of a hug to console him as best she could but even she knew it was no use.

He sat there still mumbling about her voice and how pretty it was...only to find her dead.  After a few minutes, his shaking stopped and he zoned out again.  Marie looked and thought he was most likely hearing something and sat back to watch for when he came 0ut of his daze.

She sat back onto the pavement, realizing they were in the middle of the road though she decided not to be too concerned.  After all, they were in a bleak industrial sector on a dead end street.  She looked around at the mechanical world around them when it hit her again:


She saw the brown-haired girl again running from her pursuers but the dream wasn't in clear cronological order anymore, it was in flashes that paused every now and then.  It paused the longest on the alleyway with the dumpster again and it then clicked for Marie that this was their dumping place of the bodies.

It then changed though.  She saw her in more recent times, still in flashes of the bause she was enduring and the horrendous conditions of that basement and the upstairs to where they dragged her each and every night.  She watched her struggle feebly now, tired of fighting but not ready to give up yet.

Now she saw the world from the captor's eyes in the upper room.  She saw the man with the iridescent eyes coming towards her there and her looking around in terror to any means of escape.  The only way out was the door into the room and the window to the world below.  She saw a T-junction with a mailbox and dropbox on the corner.  Shoes littered the hydro wires over the intersection and where old, rusty cars were parked outside the neighbour's house and had been there for years or so it seemed.  The neighbourhood was in tatters and a small convenience store sat across from the mailbox...called 'Joe's Variety'...


Marie snapped back into reality to see Alexander still poised there, listening.  She waited impatiently for him to snap out of his trance and tell him everything she had seen.  When he did, his face was still as pale as when he peered into the dumpster though hope seemed to shine in his eyes.  "I think I have part of the answer," he said.

"Then hopefully I have the other part.  I saw where she is," Marie said excitedly and began to quickly fill him in on her observations.  Alexanfder listened closely and nodded every so often.  After she stopped to take a final breath, he sat back and a pensive look crossed his face.  "Someting wrong?" Marie asked, hoping she hadn't derailed his train of thought.

"No, no.  But it does put mine into perspective," he said and stayed quiet for a few minutes, mulling his thoughts over by himself.  He finally relaxed and looked at her, his moment of thought now over.  "Well it was weird.   It started out as a ticking sound in the background, like a clock.  Then it recited some verses.  Do forgive me but the only way I can express it would be in a poetic light," he said and stood up, looking at the sky and oped his mouth to recite: 

Follow the beat that compels you here,
and maybe you'll find the one you hold dear. 
Combine your thoughts with those of the seer,
with those of the thoughts that you do hear.

Progress through the darkness
and you may find the light,
in the darkest of places,
on the blackest of nights.
Fear not what's before you
nor what lay ahead.
Listen to the collections
of prophecies said.

I leave you today with these words of advice:
Go once to the right and to the left thrice.
Go past the places of festival and mort,
to find a place of a harrowing sort.
If you hear the screaming you've gotten there fine
but act now before you're all out of time...

After reciting that poem, Alexander looked down at Marie with a sigh.  "And that's all I know of it."

The End

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