Chapter 13 ~ The Ambiguous TriangleMature


Alexander stopped walking after a while and paused under a streetlamp and sat on the road's edge, trying to get a ride for the both of them.  Marie sat beside him as they waited for someone to come. 

It was late into the night when someone pulled over.  They were college kids and they looked like they were on their way home via roadtrip.  The girl in the passenger seat rolled her window down so the driver could lean out and talk ot them properly.  The driver was a lean built guy with short ash brown hair and steel-edged glasses.  He looked between Marie and Alexander before adressing them verbally.  "Hey, where you off to?"

Alexander gave a small shrug and looked at Marie with a small smile.  "Well, we don't really know that quite yet.  All we know is we need to go north north west.  You going that way?"

The guy looked at the ginger girl beside him and she shrugged her shoulders.  "Well kind of, we're going north but then heading east.  Any other details you may know?"

"We're going to a seaside city," Alexander muttered.

"I can take you as far north as we go before we begin our trek east.  We'll only be going up a few hours though."

Marie looked at Alexander at this point.  "We may as well wait until morning.  There's no way we can get there faster.  Even so, the bus is more direct."

Alexander looked at her and nodded softly.  He knew she was right.  He turned to the couple looking at them curiously.  "I guess we'll just take a bus up.  Sorry to have wasted your time."

"No problem.  Good luck," the guy chirped before his girlfriend rolled the window up and they drove off. 

Alexander sighed and stood up to lean in the lamp post.  He looked down at Marie, fatigue showing in his eyes.  "What do we do now?  It won't be dawn for hours let alone when the first bus is.  We don't even know where we're going!" he said and began to pace in the small strip of dull light from the streetlight.

Marie pondered that thought as well.  There was still the rest of the riddle to figure out.  The triangle that had a meaning yet was unknown...  The thought of it thrilled yet mystified her and she sat there thinking of it until Alexander grew tired and began to walk away.  Then, she stood up and joined him.

They meandered around the neighbourhood and talked about their home and themselves for hours; getting to know each other.  By the time dawn broke, they were already on the other side of the city by the public library.  Marie had an idea and asked Alexander if they culd go in when it opened.  He shrugged and sat on the steps to wait.

It was mid-morning when the librarian opened the doors to the two transient children and Marie was the first one inside, bounding to the computer sections while Alexander wandered over to the fiction section to browse the books.

After around fifteen minutes of research, Marie found her answer and ran to go get alexander.  She towed the confused and tired teenager back to her computer.  "See?  That must be it!" she said pointing to the small greek symbol on her screen: Delta.  "North north west to the delta!  The city is on a delta!"

Alexander smiled and scratched his head a bit.  "Well that's great and all but, um, what's a delta?"

Marie looked at him also confused before hopping onto her computer again and researching it again.  "Aha! There!" she said pulling up a geography page.  "A delta is where a river and a sea meet.  So we need to find..." Marie said but trailed off to see Alexander had left and was looking at the state map for the answer. 

She logged off and went over towards Alexander and the maps.  She followed his line of vision to a midsize port city at the mouth of a large river.  He looked up and smiled at her.  "We need to go here: to Kaleyvale."  And with that, they were off and running. 

They tore out of the library and ran across town back towards the bus station.  They were a bit aways when Alexander stopped dead and crumpled into himself.  Marie stopped and backtracked to him.  "What's wrong?"

Alexander waved his had fast, asking for her silence and she shut her mouth and watched him stare blankly as he listened to the message.  They stood on that sidewalk for around ten minutes with people going to work and school staring at them or giving them funny looks.  Marie just stared them down until they felt compelled to look away.  Eventually Alexander looked up at her, his face completely drained.  "She's dead.  The small one's dead."

The End

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