Chapter 12 ~ CasualtiesMature


Not long after Alice woke up again and they realized how final their captivity was did the men come home from work again.  They took both Alice and Denise to the upstairs again.  Denise didn't last long at all this time.  The accomplice with the brown curly hair took her back down before the ringleader with the iridescent eyes really began with Alice.  He teased how she was his favourite and that he'd hope she'd last a long time.  Alice tried to block it all out.  She wanted to scream but she couldn't; the gag stopped her.

Alice was conscious the whole time this time.  Every moment of the horror now locked in her mind forever like a scar.  She was weak when they brought her down so she didn't struggle very much.  She felt crestfallen and defeated until she saw Denise on the floor, barely alive.  She was instantly enraged and began to strike out and lash as best she could.  The man with the iridescdent eyes grew tired of carrying her at this point and dropped her down the last few stairs before heading up and locking the door again.

Alice hit the pavement floor with a hard thud but she shook it off and wiggled out of her binds and ran to Denise.  She bent down and cradled her friend's head as she lie there, breathing very shallow.  Denise opened her eyes very slightly and tried to speak but her words were so whispy Alice couldn't understand them.

"Denise, it's okay.  Just hang in.  We'll get out, I promise you," she pleaded.

Denise just shook her head softly and looked up.  She exhaled heavily as she tried to say her words.  "No Alice.  It's gone on too long.  I can't take this anymore."

"Yes you can Denise!  You're strong!  You've lived this long!"

Denise laughed a bit, "Barely.  Alice it's time.  Just promise me one thing."

Alice began to weep as she saw her friend grow pale before her.  "Anything."

Denise looked up at Alice with her big doe eyes.  "Get out alive," she said and exhaled for the last time in Alice's arms.

The End

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