Chapter 11 ~ The Heat is OnMature


Marie wasn't even asleep for long when the nightmare returned to her.  It manifested itself again but with more clarity than before.  She could see features now.  The girl had dark brown hair and a slightly tanned complexion.  The one man flashed a look over towards Marie's perspective; bright icy blue eyes caught the light's reflection.  This image stuck for a few minutes but soon morphed into something different, something cloudier again.


They were in a dark room.  Like a basement or a cellar.  There was some screaming from up above them on the higher floors with the sounds of one man's loud voice while the other man dropped a body roughly on the cement floor, the small girl barely alive...


Marie awoke with a jolt and looked wildly at Alexander.  He was poised lightly on his little makeshift bed, sitting there zoned out.  Marie froze and shut her mouth, wondering if he was hearing something.

After about five minutes, he turned to face Marie with a grave look on his face.  "It's not good."

"I know,  I saw her body laying there uncoscious like.  Wait-" Marie said but began to think a bit but Alexander cut her off.

"Laying there?  But I just heard screaming!  How is this possible?" Alexander asked confused.

Marie was taken a bit aback.  They weren't on the same page like she thought they were.  "Screaming?  I heard someone screaming," Marie thought aloud.

"You did?"

"Ya but it was rather mumbled.  I heard her voice and a man's voice but the girl I saw in the dream.  It wasn't the girl I usually see.  She was small and I think her hair was blonde.  The girl I see is taller with brown hair."

Alexander widened his eyes a bit.  "That explains why the voice is different.  But you're sure you heard a male voice?  Because I'm positive I did."

"Yes, he was yelling at her.  I'd think to get her to shut up," Marie answered.

"There must be two of them then," Alexander said a bit mystified.  He began to grab his things and went to get up.

"Where are you going?"  Marie asked.

"We've gotta go again.  I heard another snippet of the poetic words towards the end: NNW at the Δ.  I have no idea what that means," he said, having heard it phonetically.

Marie thought about it for a moment before a part of it clicked for her.  "I know!  N-N-W stands for North North West."

"It does?"

"Mhm, it sure does.  As for the triangle, I don't know what that stands for."

Alexander sighed a bit before grabbing the rest of his things and then the room keys and walking out the door.

Marie, luckily enough, hadn't unpacked so when she realized Alexander had already left, she grabbed her bag and ran out after him.  She caught up to him at the manager's desk in time for him to wrap up their explanation of departure.  Byt the time she caught her breath and formed the words to speak, they were already outside walking down the street.  "Alexander, the buses don't start up again until morning.  How can we ever get there in time?"

Alexander looked back at her with a small smile but kept his answer to himself for a few more blocks until they entered a nicer area of the city.  When he felt they were safe, he stuck his thumb out towards the road again.

The End

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