Chapter 10 ~ The CapitalMature


It was dark when they arrived in the capital.  It was a typical large city.  Public transit, hotels and tourist areas as well as the working sectors and the mini wall street for the state.  Marie was fascinated with it all.  She never went to a city half as big as this and surely not the capital.  She looked over excitedly at Alexander who just seemed to shrug it off as if it were something he was used to everyday. 

They got off at the main bus terminal and looked over at the ticket booth to see it was closed for the night.  Alexander looked around passively, wondering where they should spend the night.  Marie followed him happily, mesmerized by the new environment.

Alexander walked past a few shady looking wierdos who watched Marie with a bit too much interest for Alexander's liking.  He walked a bit closer to her and tried to act through body language as if he were her significant other.  After getting out of their view, Alexander looked over at Marie.  "We've gotta find a place for the night where we'll be safe.  Do you know of anywhere?" he asked desperately for an answer.

Marie almost laughed at his question.  "Alexander, I think you forgot I grew up on a farm miles and miles away from any city."

Alexander bit his lip pensively.  "Right..."  He continued to walk along until they reached a Motel 6 on a dark and creepy-looking street corner.  Alexander looked around first to make sure they weren't going to get jumped before herding Marie into the motel lobby.

They walked up to a very simple reception desk with the manager standing there by his computer, very much stressed out.  Alexander approached the desk and cleared his throat.  "Hello, um how much are the rooms?"

The manager looked between him and Marie.  "They're $50 a night.  For a single," he said with a smirk before turning his attention to his computer again.

Alexander shot Marie a panicked glance.  She could tell what it meant.  He was broke and she only had enough for the bus tomorrow for the two of them.  She shrugged quickly and turned her attention to the distraught manager.  "What seems to be the problem?" she asked simply.

The manager shot her and Alexander a look.  "Why?"

Alexander sighed and looked at the balding man honestly.  "We're broke and we have nowhere to stay but I can offer to fix your computer in exchange for one room.  Please, it's our only option and may I add the rate is very cheap compared to taking it in."

The manager wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead and looked at Alexander directly.  "I'll agree to that for a single, but if you don't fix it, no room you got it?"

Alexander nodded in agreement and went over to take a look.

"It just shut down on me for no reasonand now it won't start properly.  It was working fine until then."

Alexander waived off the manager's side story and took control of the mechanical creation.  He was on it maybe fifteen to twenty minutes and had it up and running like new.  The manager looked at him impressed and pulled a key off the rack behind him.  "Number 29 is yours until tomorrow at noon," he said and gave Alexander the room key.

Alexander thanked him and walked with Marie to find room number 29.  They soon found it and opened the door to see a tiny room with a single bed standing placidly by a window that looked out onto a brick wall.  Marie's eyebrows raised and she looked up at Alexander, who was also quite taken aback.  "So what are...the you-know?"

Alexander shot Marie an immature glance.  "The sleeping arrangements?  I'll take the floor, don't worry about it."

Marie sighed in relief and went into the room.  She just flopped ont the bed and passed out immediately from fatigue, leaving Alexander to make his own bed on the floor in peace.

The End

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