Chapter 9 ~ Stuck in a Cruel PurgatoryMature


Alice blacked out after the first few minutes of it all.  It was horrible.  No wonder Denise couldn't ever speak after such an ordeal.  Apparently, ten minutes later he brought her back to the dungeon they called a cellar and threw her beside the battered and broken Denise.  It took her almost a day to surface and when she did, Denise looked even worse than before.  The frail blonde sat beside Alice's comatose body until she woke up the next afternoon.

All Alice could remember was the pain and glimpses of her abuser.  The man with the iridescent eyes...

She woke with a start and looked into Denise's panicked eyes, reflecting her own emotions.  Denise was soon relieved and hugged Alice tight.  "I thought you'd died!"

Alice looked around delusional.  "Did that actually happen?"

Denise nodded in pained sadness.  Telling her it was true.

Alice leaned back a bit, trying to take it all in when it hit her full force.  "How do you survive that?  You're conscious for so long!"

Denise shook it off with a shudder.  "It's ok.  I'm used to it now."

Alice looked at her friend's wounds.  "They've used you double-time to replace me haven't they?"

Denise nodded and slid back to be beside Alice.  "It's ok.  It was worse in that in-between state just before you came."

Alice turned her head sideways a bit.  "What do you mean?"

Denise shrunk a bit and sighed.  "Well there was another girl here when I arrived.  They had her for much longer than I've been here.  I'd say maybe even a few months.  She was in such bad shape, she couldn't even speak.  She hid in that corner over there," she said gesturing to a small corner under the cellar stairs, "until they eventually killed her."

Alice looked in shock at Denise's horrid rendition.  They were in hell.

"That's how you came along.  They payed a guy to dump her body when she died and the next day, he shows up with a girl, hoping for extra payment.  I don't know what happened after that.  They just kept raving on how it was a coincidence that he found you in the industrial section of that city.  They weren't too quiet when they brought you in here.  That's how I know," Denise finished.

Alice looked at her shocked.  "My case was a coincidence?  I thought they prowled around there."

Denise shook her head.  "Not usually.  I was abducted at a subway station coming home afterschool.  It was after a tech meeting and it ran later than usual so I took the subway home.  They followed me and nabbed me somewhere in an alley.  I don't remember it all that well."

Alice blinked in shock and horror.  Who were these monsters?  We're they going to die like all the others?  Alice shook a bit and pressed her head against the cement wall, sighing in a slight defeat.  "Are we ever going to get out of here?"

Denise made a small sound and shook her head lightly, solidifying their demise.

The End

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