Chapter 7 ~ The AftermathMature


Alice grew worried as every silent moment passed.  The screaming lasted for a long time before she fell silent.  It was now dark out and they still hadn't brought Denise  back.  She stared up at a small window at the top of the wall around 8 or 9 feet up with a rag overtop of it.  The sunlight was now her guide to time.

Eventually there was stirring upstairs.  There was clumsy stumbling which Alice assumed to be the men.  After a few minutes, the accomplice came drunkenly down the stairs with Denise over his shoulder, unconsciously hanging over his back.  Alice's eyes widened in horror but she stood still, so not to attract attention.  The man stumbled a bit and dropped Denise onto the concrete floor.  He looked at her for a second before waving his hand in defeat and stumbling back upstairs.

When she heard the lock click shut, Alice ran over to her friend and sat beside her cold half-dead body.  She saw new cuts and bruises beginning to form all over her body.  After a few hours maybe, Denise began to stir a bit.  Alice was worried and sat her up against the damp wall closeby.  "Denise!  Wake up please," she pleaded.

Denise began to open her eyes a bit and looked around the room disoriented.  She stared at Alice for a few moments until her face began to show an emotion of realization but she was so tired and injured, she barely could speak.

"Denise, what did they do to you?" she said and looked at her friend, concern and fear exposed all over her face as she watched over the frail, blonde girl laying there badly hurt.

Denise was about to speak when her focus shifted to behind her.  Alice turned to see the owner of the house standing at the base of the stairs.  Drunk but not enough to be incompetent.  "It's your turn," he said looking at Alice with his iridescent blue eyes piercing into her own.  Alice shuddered slightly and went to scream but he had already clamped a hand over her mouth and hoisted her onto his burly shoulders.  She wriggled and kicked but her attempts did nothoing to sway the bulky man.  She began to flash back to the night she was abducted as he carried her to the same place he took Denise...


Alice was walking home after seeing a late movie with a bunch of her friends on a saturday night.  It was around midnight or so when the girl left the theatre and set off to go home.  She put her headphones in and turned her ipod on.  She was so focused on her music that she didn't realize she had walked to the wrong end of town.  She looked around at the industrial section she had walked into and turned her ipod off.  She combed her hand through her straight brown hair, thinking of where she should turn to go home.  She began walking down a shipping boulevard and soon heard footsteps that weren't her own.  She grew nervous and took her high heels off so she could walk faster in her bare feet.  She softly padded along, trying to get out and noticed the shoe sounds weren't fading.  She turned but saw no one behind her.  Her anxiety reached a new level and she began to run.  She reached the end of the street to find it tee off.  She looked nervously down each way deciding on which way to go when a shadow beside the building adjacent to her caught her attention.  It moved and then dissappeared.  She stood there worried for a moment on what she should do when a huge hand clapped over her mouth and the other arm strongly gripped her tight.  She was bound and gagged and brought to the back of her captor's car where he tossed her roughly into the trunk.  She fought and tried to get out with no luck when her captor stopped the car and came for her a few moments after.  He hauled her out into the darkness and brought her to her makers.  She was thrown into the light and Alice looked around in terror to see the blue-eyed man who held her and his accomplice; a much leaner man with short brown hair looking at her with wicked laughter...and the eyes inside the box.


The End

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