Chapter 6 ~ Background StoriesMature


Alexander and Marie reached the bus station at around 11:00 am only to see they had closed for lunch.  Marie looked over at Alexander to see him looking at the note with distate.  "Fine," he muttered and sat down on the curb and sighed.

Marie sat beside him and turned to look at the troubled boy.  "Hey, are you ok?" she asked.

Alexander looked at her emptily through the gaps his black bangs.  "No, not really."

"Why?  What's puzzling you?  If you don't mind my asking," Marie inquired.

Alexander sighed and leaned back a bit and lifted his head to look at the grey sky above them.  "You know?  Pathetic fallacy is a great replacement for explanations."

Marie looked at him puzzled and looked up at the sky.  "You're gloomy?  Is that what you mean?"

Alexander nodded slightly and looked down at his pair of dulled converse shoes.  "Have you ever felt that you don't belong where you should?  Like you were born into the wrong family or had the wrong friends?  That's how I feel all the time.  I had no friends at home and my "family" barely cared for me.  I've basically been taking care of myself for years.  Sure, they provide food and shelter just to avoid getting in trouble with the agency.  Oh ya, I neglected to say I don't even really have a family.  I have a foster family.  I was abandoned as a toddler.  I've been living in the children's aid system for almost as long as I can remember."

Marie felt a pang in her heart for her new friend.  She didn't experience that.  Her family loved her.  So much, they probably had the whole neighbourhood of farm families out looking for her.

"The girl in trouble isn't the only reason I ran away.  I'm also trying to make a better life for myself.  Actually live the life I want to live and not just following the dreams and desires of people who could care less if I lived or died.  Being a clairaudient has helped a bit but it's mainly been hard with other people trying to understand that you hear things but aren't crazy.  Hell, maybe I am crazy!" he yelled and stood up, "but to be perfectly honest, I don't care anymore."

Marie looked up at him and nodded understanding.  "I don't think your crazy or weird or anything like that.  You're great just the way you are."

Alexander gave a half hearted smile.  "Thanks, you know, I heard something about you before the old lady picked you up at dawn."

"Really?" Marie asked, a bit curious.

"Mhm.  It said:  Follow the pictures of the small one.  She provides the information you seek.  It's a good thing we met."

Marie nodded in understanding.  "Just before she picked me up, I had a vision of you trying to hitchike under an old willow tree."

Alexander's eyebrows raised in interest.  "I was beneath a willow tree I think.  Interesting, this partnership just might work to help this poor girl."

Marie smiled.  "I hope it does," she whispered quietly to herself.


The End

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