Chapter 5 ~ Rickets in the WoodMature


Alice and Denise had been down there for almost a week now...well Alice anyway, Denise had been down for around three weeks now.

The rickety wood above them was a warning of when the men were home or not.  Only one lived there but both came to "play" with both girls.  Alice shivered at the thought of it.  When all was normal though, their motions were like clockwork. 

A bit after dawn, there were small creaks from upstairs in most likely his bedroom that increased in sound until it was poised over towards the shackles and chair; the kitchen, Alice assumed.  He stayed there for a while before creaking overhead and to the other side where the stairs down to the cellar were.  They'd hear stomps of him putting boots on, then he'd go out the door with a slam and creaks of the porch stairs outside.  They'd hear his truck roar to life and back away, the sound dying slowly in retreat.  After this morning ritual, Alice would sigh, knowing he was out of the house and no one was in there, or no one to be concerned about since there wasn't any creaking during the day.

While the men were out and about, Denise and Alice could move around the cellar as they pleased.  Nothing really kept them tied anymore since they learned the trick to slip in and out of their loosely wrapped ropes.  The door to the main level was locked, keeping them inside but they did receive some information from looking under the door.  They got a rough idea of the main floor layout from the look of the floors and appliances.  They also occasionally saw the owner's cat wander lazily around from his food bowl to the couch.

They had until around 4ish in the afternoon to be free before returning to their binds in time for the men to come back fro work.  Yes, both would return.  Sometimes they'd venture downstairs but sometimes decided the football or the hockey game upstairs was more entertaining.

But when they did come down, it was horrendous.  Denise used to shiver at the sound of the lock clicking open.  Their drunken laughter made Alice's hair stand on end.  They used to taunt them and call them vulgar names first, then it was the chair for Alice.

They'd pick her up by her arms until she was off the ground and couldn't struggle.  They were very tall and muscular as they resisted her thrashings and acts as dead weight.  They'd plunk her in and lock her in place.  The sight of the blood and runst made her cringe.  She had learned to block their jeers from mind and just let the whippings and lap dances happen.  She just blocked it as best she could.  She'd admit though, she had it better than Denise.

She watched after they were done with her, throw her down against the wall and walk towards the nervous adolescent.  They blindfolded her with a spare gag and would pick Denise up the same way they took Alice and led her out of the basement to the upstairs.  She could her her screams and their laughter as she tried to keep it out of her mind.  Trying to think of something happier or innocent.  Alice missed her ignorant days by now and knew it was only beginning.

The End

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