Chapter 4 ~ The Elusive BoyMature


Marie gasped at the realization of who she just saw and hid her face by pressing it against the window.  She looked out at the world outside as the old lady began to drive again.  She shifted anxiously in her seat.  She sure as hell wasn't expecting that to happen.  She occasionally looked out using her peripheral vision to look at what was ahead on the road.  The older lady looked back at the two of them every so often to make sure everything was ok. 

After a few moments, Marie sighed and decided to turn around.  She turned and glanced down at her backpack then up at the boy from her images.  She tensed a bit to see him staring back at her with a raised eyebrow.  "You ok?" he asked placidly.

"Ya, thanks for asking," Marie responded quietly.  Her gaze flickered from everything around them to him.  She was trying to get a better look at his features without glaring at him.  He had the dark hair and the sweater and headphones like she saw in the daydream, but he also had other features.  His eyes were darker from a mix of make-up and lack of sleep.  His posture was fairly lurched.  He sat forward a lot and seemed to zone out constantly.  After a while, Marie noticed she wasn't even being discreet anymore and just blatently watching him.  He didn't seem to notice.

The older lady kept on driving.  At about 8:30, she stopped in a small town at a local convenience store and turned to look at them.  "I don't know where you two are going but it can't be much farther, can it?"

Marie didn't want to say her exact whereabouts to the woman.  Not that she didn't trust her, she just didn't feel like revealing that she was following a pure whim that she knew nothing about.  She shurgged passively to answer.

"Actually, I do have quite a ways to go.  I'll get off here and make my journey further.  No need to burden you any longer,"  the boy beside Marie stated blankly.

"If you're sure," the older woman said and unlocked the doors.

"I am.  Thank you for your generosity," he said and got out. 

Marie had a strange feeling now of disorientation and looked back at him with curiosity.  She wondered if he could help her or not.  She thanked the older lady for the ride and got up after him.  "Wait!  Hold on, I gotta ask you something," she said following the elusive boy she had only known for a couple of silent hours.

The  boy turned to look at her with a flat expression.  "What?"

Marie stopped short in her train of thought and sighed.  "I guess it's stupid but I was hoping you could help me.  But I'm being an idiot for thinking this could ever work.  Nevermind, my mistake," she said and turned around.

The adolescent looked back at Marie with a puzzled expression.  "What do you mean?  Aren't you just another runaway?"

"No, I's complicated," Marie said, not sure how else to state it.

The teenage boy just laughed lightheartedly.  "Oh trust me, I know complicated.  I know it's a lot to ask but do tell, I can try to help as best I can."

Marie just shot him a skeptical look.  "Alright, I'll tell you but do prepare for the strange.  Canwe get some food though?  I'm hungry," she stated and looked at the boy's skinny physique.  He sighed and nodded after her as she turned toward a small coffee shop next door to the convenience store.

After settling at a table with some tea, coffee and sandwiches, Marie began to tell the elusive boy about her daydreams and the nightmare she was having.  He sat across from her silently with his coffee and a biscuit, taking in all she said with no facial variation whatsoever.

"And that's why I'm here.  I'm trying to figure all of this out," Marie concluded and sat back into her chair, waiting for him to either be very confused or just get up and leave.

Ironically, the boy did no such thing.  He sat there for a few minutes afterwards mulling over her story and occasionally sipping his coffee.  After a bit, he broke the silence and leaned forward towards her.  "Have you ever heard of a medium before?"

Marie frowned in confusion and newfound ignorance.  "No."

The boy nodded understandingly and leaned a bit further back in his chair.  "A medium is someone who has a connection to the spirit world that can sometimes benefit our world.  By the sounds of it, you're what they call a clairvoyant; a seer."

"Clairvoyant?  Seer?" Marie asked now terribly confused.

"Mhm," he responded.  He sipped his coffee again and looked around anxiously.  "You know, I didn't want to break this to you right away but after your story,  everything's starting to make sense now.  I'm actually a clairaudient, you know?"

Marie cocked her head a bit sideways in confusion.  She didn't even really know what a clairvoyant was let alone a clairaudient.

He just smiled at her quizzical expression.  "A clairvoyant is one who sees messages from the spirit world.  A clairaudient is one who hears instead of sees."

"Oh.  I'm sorry, this all pretty confusing for me,"  Marie answered.

"It's ok, I understand.  You'll get used to it.  So wait, I just thought of something, you're out looking for a girl who was kidnapped?"

"Ya why?" Marie answered

"Me too.  But I've been traveling a while.  I'm not from around here as you can probably tell.  I'm from a few counties over.  You know the city called Simcoe Springs?  That's where I'm from," he answered.

Marie nodded a bit.  She vaguely knew where it was but it sure wasn't close, that much she knew.  "How long have you been travelling?"

"About ten days.  I got the message around two weeks ago."

"Me too!" Marie answered excitedly,  "A girl's missing in a city.  I saw her with three men.  One brought her there and the others took her away...oh wait, I already told you that," she said a bit embarassed.

"It's ok.  I've been getting something kind of similar but it comes with a riddle.  It says:  She resides on the side of the seabreeze.  That's all it will tell me right now.  That's why I've been travelling this direction, towards the coast."

Marie pondered a bit and got an idea.  "Wait here a sec," she said and walked up to the shop's counter.  A middle-aged woman stood there bored, sorting lunch menus.  "Excuse me but could you tell me, is there a bus station around here or a map me and my friend could access?" she said gesturing back to her newfound mental confidant.

The woman looked up at Marie with a bored expression.  "There's a bus station at the end of town.  Follow this road down to it," she said and returned to her menus.

"Thank you," Marie answered and told the boy the news.  They payed for their food and walked out onto the main drag.   After a bit of walking, the boy laughed softly to himself, commanding Marie's attention.  "What?" she asked.

"It's funny, we know enough information to blackmail each other but we never did exchange names.  I'm Alexander," he said holding out his hand.

"Marie, good to meet you Alexander," Marie responded and shook his hand.

The End

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