Chapter 3 ~ Hitch HikingMature


Marie had spent around a couple of hours walking along the regional highway that passed her house.  She looked at the horizon and saw it was starting to break dawn.  Her parents would be waking up and going downstairs around now and she'd only put maybe ten miles behind her.  She looked around, wondering wht else to do when she was hit with an image:


There was an old willow tree with a boy underneath.  He had jet black hair and a backpack beside him.  He had a pair of headphones on and tapped his foot to the music as well as softly druming with his one hand in his sweater pocket.  He sat under the tree close to the road with his thumb out.


Marie snapped out of her random daydream and shook it off a bit.  She had these often.  Actually, the nightmare started as a random daydream about two weeks ago while she was out in the tomato fields.  She pondered the relivance of it with other similar events:
The first was her older sister when Marie was about three getting trampled by Taro, the bull when she went in the field as a dare by their cousin.  Sure enough, she did that evening.
Later, she had one of momma in horrendous pain, near death.  The following night, she had appendicitis and was rushed to the hospital.
The last one she remebered was her best friend Kaitie sitting in a locked room crying out and screaming irrationally.  A month later, she was committed to an insane asylum.

Marie shook at the memories and banished them away from her mind.  She had a job to do, a serious one at that.  She decided to follow her instinctual daydream and stuck her thumb out.

It was just after dawn when one car began to slow and pull off to the side.  It was an older car, a '97 Buick.  Marie looked in the windshield to see an older lady at the wheel.  The woman rolled down her passenger side window and leaned over to get a better look of the potential hitchiker.  The older lady smiled at the sight of the small girl and lifted her sunglasses onto her forehead.  "Hello dearie.  Where you off to?"

"The nearest bus station.  There's one in the next town right?" Marie asked.

The older lady furrowed her eyebrows a bit.  "I'm not sure, dear.  I'm merely passing through.  I don't really know the area.  Tell you what, I'll drive you to the next town and we'll find out and go from there."

Marie smiled and nodded.  "Thank you, you're very kind."

The older woman waved her hand, dismissing the compliment.  "Ah, think nothing of it.  Come on in" she said unlocking the doors.  "It's funny, you're the second one to ask me that today: hitching a ride to the nearest bus station."

Marie nodded at her notion and opened the door.  She climbed into the back seat and shut the door.  She turned to put her backpack on the seat beside her to see another person in the backseat with her.  He faced the window but she recognized him immediately:  the boy from the daydream.

The End

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