Can you imagine living in a world where everything is available to you and it's all supposed to be easy? That is what my life is like. I was born with a disease that, although everyone says otherwise, will eventually kill me. Some would say it is a blessing, a gift, but to me it is something I'd really rather live without. I can read minds. All minds. Wherever they are. I was nicknamed The Savior when I was born. They believe I am the key to saving humanity.

My name is Link. I've been alive 14 years and ten months and am currently suffering from a disease known as

My pen stops writing. Argh... I hate essays but this has to be the stupidest. All About Me. Of course, I happen to know the reason my teacher assigned this, "to get to know her students". I also know what every single one of my classmates is thinking right now ("I hate my mother, she's so unreasonable," "I think my boyfriend's cheating on me," "Chocolate or vanilla....?"). I know everything, unfortunately. It tends to make life boring and terrifying at the same time. The only thing that really works in my favour is my ability to screen the voices, filter them. If it all hit me at once, I'd be dead in seconds. But I can filter it, pick out the comforting voices. The ones I like to listen to.

Sarah's one of my favourite's. I consider her my older sister, regardless of the fact that we've never met and she lives halfway around the world from me. I love to immerse myself in her day to day life and worry with her about whether or not her brother is going to get thrown in jail again. She has an interesting life, Sarah, made even more interesting by the fact that it's not mine.

Loke is another one of my favourite minds to visit. He lives in Scandinavia somewhere and tends to spend his time hanging out with the craziest bunch of friends. I don't really have friends, so it's nice to hang out with his through him.

Minds all think in the same... genetic code, so countries and spoken languages have no effect on this nifty little ability of mine.

Something I should perhaps mention, however, is that nobody knows about my special skill. Not even my parents. I worked very hard to make them forget. Sure, people know I exist somewhere, they just don't know where. For now I'm undercover. The only flaw? A boy named Ace. Who happens to be my other half. The only one who knows what it feels like. The only one who was born with the same curse.

Unfortunately, I've never met him before and his mind, of course it would be this way, is the only one I can't read. I don't even know where he lives.

The End

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