Chapter 2: The Detective and the RitualMature

There was one truth that everybody in the police knew; whenever you find yourself facing a crime scene that is extremely out of the ordinary, there is one man you should call and that's exactly what they did when they walked into modern home situated just out of town.

When the car pulled up to the crime scene, one man opened the door and stepped out, expecting the others to move out of his way. Moments later, Kiyoko and her unwanted companion Ayako passed through the car and followed him as he entered the house, walking slowly down the corridor.

"So who is this guy?" Ayako whispered, struggling to keep up with the others.

"The best." Kiyoko replied, dismissing her. It had been her dream to watch him in action and here she was, finally able to do just that. This man was the best person on the planet when it came to supernatural crimes.

"And his name?" Ayako insisted, reaching out for Kiyoko.

"Nishimura. Rokuro Nishimura." she replied, catching a glimpse of his badge. She smiled; he was her hero. "Don't come in here." She instructed, turning and showing the younger girl the strength behind her eyes. It scared Ayako but her curiosity took over and she pushed into the large room that they had cordoned off.

The first thing she noticed was that it looked like the room had once been a dojo or at least was capable of being one. The room was circular with a selection of tables and desks littered around the edge. There were a couple of small windows that shed light onto piles of empty bottles.

The centre of the room was what drew their attention, mainly due to the fact that there was a naked male corpse encircled in a pentagram painted with his own blood. The artefacts drew Nishimura's gaze but they weren't special, something he realised moments after looking.

"What the hell is this?" Ayako screamed, stepping forward. She brushed past Kiyoko, eager for a better look. Before she could be stopped, Ayako stepped into the pentagram and fizzled into nothing.

"You did that didn't you?" Kiyoko asked, turning to him. He nodded simply. "Thanks."

"I got your letters Kiyoko." Nishimura muttered in his quiet voice. "Are you ready?"

The girl nodded straight away, kneeling and running her finger through the blood. "Everything is in place and now that that girl is out of the way, there won't be anybody meddling in our affairs."

"What about the one in England?" he whispered, moving closer to her.

"Long gone. She went out fighting her past." Kiyoko spat, getting up.

"Not like you." he said, placing his hand on her shoulder. "The only question left is when?"

"Tonight." she said decisively. "We bring them back tonight."

The End

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