Line of SightMature

Sequel to The Last Fairground by jamm and mollie1994

“Flight 463 is now boarding at gate 12. Please would all passengers travelling on flight 463 make their way to gate 12. Passengers are reminded that mobile communication devices must be turned off before boarding the plane and must not be switched on until you have disembarked the flight. Gate 12 for all passengers of flight 463, please.”

Rosie sighed and stood up, stretching her legs which had stiffened from being sat for so long. Bev stood next to her and smiled, and Rosie uttered a soft, “Let’s go,” after checking that no one was within earshot. It had become common for Rosie to be called insane for talking to what seemed like thin air, when in actuality she had been addressing Bev, her ghostly friend that only she could see. Some days she thought she could be insane too, and that Bev and Lollie and all the other ‘ghosts’ she had met were just a figment of her imagination. Still, she refused to go to a psychiatrist, and Bevhadhelped her solve quite a few cases, so she just accepted them as reality. But kept them secret all the same.

They walked over to gate 12, Rosie swinging her hand bag under her arm and Bev looking around the terminal with an amazed look on her face. “I’ve never been to an airport before...” she said, when Rosie gave her an odd look, “it’s a new experience for me.”

Rosie chuckled, “Okay.” The person in front turned around to give her a funny look. She smiled at the man and he turned back again, shaking his head and muttering something quietly to his wife, who looked over her shoulder at Rosie, eyes wide as if scared, and took a step away from Rosie. She rolled her eyes at Bev and checked her watch.

A few moments passed and they reached the gate. Rosie handed her boarding pass and passport to the person over the desk, who quickly scanned them with her eyes and handed them back with a smile and a clearly practiced, “have a nice flight.” Rosie nodded, thanked her, and moved past the desk.

When they finally reached the gate her ticket was checked again and she was directed to her seat, which was near the back of the plane. Bev followed her, occasionally passing through people when they moved in her way. The people shivered and Bev smiled to herself when they did so. Rosie took her seat and frowned at Bev. “I’m not sure what you’ll be able to do,” she quietly said, trying not to arouse suspicion. “Wait and see if there’s a free...” she paused as a flight attendant passed her, smiling kindly to her, “... seat... if there isn’t... you’ll have to just hold on to something... sorry” she frowned.

Eventually, movement on the plane stopped as all of the passengers settled down for the long flight. Bev moved quickly through the plane in search of a free seat and settled into one when she found it, hoping no one would come and take the seat, or worse – sit on her. She grinned to herself as the plane started to take off and gripped on to the arm rests because she couldn’t put her seat belt on without being noticed.

Once they were in the air, Bev was on her feet, moving quickly to the toilet at the back of the plane, which Rosie and her had agreed on as a meeting place. She was unsure whether Rosie was inside or not and was contemplating moving through the wall when Rosie appeared next to her, smiling. “That wasn’t five minutes.”

“I didn’t want to sit there for ages, the guy I’m sat next to smells funny and he keeps almost hitting me,” Bev pouted and Rosie giggled. They moved away from the door to the toilet as the lock clicked and the door opened. A man in a business suit stepped out and smiled at Rosie, who stepped into the little room after Bev, the last thing they saw was a confused look on the businessman’s face and Rosie groaned.

“He thinks I’m insane too,” she said, causing Bev to giggle quietly, her hand covering her mouth to stifle the giggles. Rosie pulled out her notebook and, after pulling down the seat lid, sat down on the toilet. Bev leant against the sink and looked down at her, nodding her head slightly.

“What do we know?” she said, quietly. Rosie looked up from her notes and shook her head.

“Not much.” She said, frowning, “not much at all.”

The End

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