Chapter 3, Part 1: MickieMature

'Jason! Let me carry her!' I panted, slowly down a little to his pace.

'No way! Fuck! Ow! Ouch!' He stumbled as he stumped his toe on a rock, he nearly toppled and I steadied his arm.

'Let me carry her!!' I yelled, holding my arms out for her, he gave me a reluctant look and put her into my arms.

'I'm... too... heavy...'  She said faintly, her voice cracking.

'Shut the fuck up! You were the one who wanted to come with us!' I screamed in her face, she didn't bat an eyelid but stayed quiet. I adjusted her in my arms, true, she was heavy and it was going to take it's toll carrying her. But I can't leave someone who wanted to survive that much, no matter how pathetic they are.

When I thought about it with more consideration, it probably would increase our chances of living if we'd just left her, I knew Jason wanted to, but I'm just not that sort of person.

'Can we go into one of the classrooms up the towerblock?' Jason asked quickly looked at me, I saw he was limping slightly. I was trying my best not to; but the bite mark on my ankle was begging to feel numb and all it would take was for me to stumble.

'There'll be too many! I came down from there today, it was awful...' I recalled my friends screaming for help as their were torn apart, and I couldn't do I single thing because I valued my own life more than theirs... and that was going to stick with me for the rest of it. I was never, ever going to forget the fact that I left them behind because I was too cowardly to risk my own life to get them out of there. I shuddered at the memories of their blood on my hands as I wept over their deaths... as I lay down on their bodied, their blood soaked my hair and...

'Mickie! Concentrate!'


'Can we go up the fucking towerblock or not?!'

'No! No! Don't even go near there! It's heaving with them! Let's try...'

'The kitchen?' He suggested, his voice shaking with fear as he glanced back at the masses of "zombies" which were slowly closing in on us.

'Yes! But we have to make it through the canteen! How the fuck to we manage that?!'  I shouted, I saw the girl in my arms fall asleep and she was becoming heavier and heavier by the second... so I feared I would drop her.

'I can shove them out of the way... but what if one of them bites me?'

'You wont turn! I wont let you! But would you really be able to do that?'

'I think so...'

'Fuck it all! Let's just go already!' I screamed, dashing towards the dinner hall in vain hope it could give us salvation...

The End

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