Chapter 2, Part 2: ElisaMature

I felt something warm on my hand... I yearned to grab it and... no... that wasn't possible... I had to... hold back... but the scent of it make me feel drunk... I could taste it on my lips... it was there... in the room... filling my entire self... I needed it... I need it...

'She's not waking up. I don't think she's breathing.'

'Shut the fuck up! They're all outside now... shh...'

As soon as I heard those words, the urge to groan and cough and mumble incoherent words grew stronger by each second I regained consciousness. I swallowed hard,  I heard a sickening squelching noise as the saliva trickled from the gash in my neck. I shuddered and the grip on my hand grew tighter, and something was put against my mouth. I had to use every last drop of my will-power to resist the urge to sink my teeth into it, and rip off every last shred of...

I opened my eyes and looked up at the boy who was holding my mouth and hand. The girl motioned a finger to her lips. I blinked in response. She nodded and glanced at the boy who was visibly shaking in his boots. He was taping his foot in a nervous manner and looked like he was on the verge of tears. To be honest, I was too. I wanted to cry out and scream... but it's not like I could with this injury. I can't even feel it--because I'm dead. I wonder if he had worked it out yet, worked out that I wouldn't even be alive right now if I hadn't been mauled by those things. Their bite marks penetrate all laws of the science. And it was disgusting.

scratch scratch

We all froze, the boys grip on my hand tightened.

scratch scratch

I saw the girl start to shake and she closed her eyes, her lips twitching at the sides as she started to cry silently. I wondered if we(namely them two) were the only living people left in the school. Would we have to live in the school and wait until they all moved on to another place?

scratch scratch

As the scratches gained more noise, I wondered if the door would hold with all the body leaning on it. I shuddered, not wanting to think about the dooring giving way. The boy stood up and peeped under the blind which covered the window.

'There aren't many out there, we should just get the fuck out!' He whispered very quietly, the girl looked up in alarm. She stood up and walked over to him to get a better look.

'What about her?' She said softly,  I could only just hear her over the banging on the door.

'Well? You want to get out?' The boy crouched down next to me and asked, I looked at him with mournful eyes. I really was a pitiful excuse for a person, even though I was dangerous and I was going to turn out like the other things outside I didn't want to be left behind, nor did I want to be truly dead like a corpse that did not move nor eat humans.

I nodded before croaking, 'don't... leave... me.... b...b...behind...'

He sighed before casting me a looked that said "you better thank me for this", he scooped me up into a princess hold before looking at the girl.

She grabbed the chair which matched the desk and threw it through the window, I saw the hinges on the door start to loosen and I smiled with thanks at the boy as he hopped through the jagged glass-framed window, following the girl and we ran as fast as possible, trying to outrun those which could only walk... but they were following... they were gradually going to hunt us down...


The End

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