Chapter 2, Part 1: MikieMature

We were far ahead of them, so far, their grunts and moans seemed slightly dull and faint. Jason was still standing strong with the dead, or dying, year seven who was now asleep on his back. I felt envious of her, I wanted to be able to just fall asleep in the midst of the screams and pain.

'Mikie! We can turn in here and lock the doors!' Jason huffed, looking around to check if there were and creatures lurking in the shadows of the evening. Normally, I be sitting, curled up in a ball watching Waterloo Road, not running away from zombies. I nodded, pushing the PE office door open, checking around, before giving Jason the all clear, he jumped into the room quickly, because the footsteps and noises of the crowd which had been chasing us was growing louder and louder. I felt sick, but now was not the time to vomit. I quietly, but swiftly closed the door, snatching up the keys and locking it tight shut.

'Give me some blue tac and paper!' I told him in a hushed voice, he gave me a questioning look, 'even though the door window is small, they'll still be able to see through it!'

'Oh... right!' He mumbled, setting the girl down on the floor, and rumaging through the draws, squinting through the darkness.

'Quickly, c'mon, Jason! I can fucking here them!'

'Here!' He handed me a note pad and some tape, 'there wasn't any blue tac, sorry.'

'S'okay, can you help me?' I beckoned him over, nodding towards the tape. I held the paper up and he taped it to the door, 'we'll have to steer clear of it... I'll bet you can see shadows through it.'


I sank to the floor, wincing as my school skirt brushed my injured ankle, I hid it away from Jason. He'd panic, and panicking meant noise and noise meant them finding us. I already felt quite woozy and slow. I could even feel my pulse rate quickening, but that was probably due to the fact I'd been running all over the school. Jason was sitting beside the silently sleeping girl, I smiled weakly at him, shivering. He didn't smile back, he just shrugged and looked back at the girl. I was amazed he actually helped her, in my year, Jason is known for being especially cold to his juniors.

I don't know Jason very well, in fact, before today, I've only talked to him twice. I don't even know his last name.

But I guess we'd die before I found it out... Because two fifteen year old kids and a dead eleven year old can't survive in a PE office with a knife to fight off the living dead.


The End

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